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Results have confimed that perceptions of justice sup- ported organizational commitment and job satisfaction Saal and Moore, The construct of experienced HR practices serves as a mediator and represents the 66-03 that transmits the joint impact of intended HR practices and perceived behavioural integrity on affective commitment and job satisfaction.

This modification resulted in a more parsimonious model, in which experienced HR practices transmit the effect of intended HR practices as well as the interaction term on the two outcome vari- ables through indirect-only mediation. The publisher shall not be liable for any loss, actions, claims, proceedings, demand, or costs or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with or lli out of the use of this material.

For reasons of clarity, Figure 2 only reports the latent constructs and Table 1. Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. Log In Sign Up. Help Center Find new research papers in: This article was downloaded by: The link involving perceived behavioural integrity and employee attitudes has received very little research attention.

This is because employees are typically exposed to a range of HR practices sim- ultaneously, each of which may have complex effects Delery, ; Wright and Boswell, ; Arthur and Boyles, When conducting their meta-analysis, Davis and Rothstein could locate only 12 usable studies, and according to the authors, there is a clear need for additional research. Therefore, the results supported Hypothesis 1, according to which experienced HR practices intervene as a mediator in the link between the three antecedent variables i.


Analysis and Results To test the proposed conceptual framework, a structural model was built using the maximum likelihood estimation method cf.

Projects :

These work-related attitudes are widely recognized as antecedents of positive organizational behaviour, such as turnover intention and various forms of citizenship behaviour, including the exercise of dis- cretionary effort Meyer and Allen, ; Brief, ; Podsakoff et al. The non-significant paths were removed from the intended HR practices and interaction term to the outcome vari- ables of affective commitment and job satisfaction.

HRM, perceived behavioural integrity, job satisfaction, affective commitment Correspondence Address: In fact, as argued by Wright and his colleaguesp.

To 66-03 the analysis of employee attitudes further, this study also examined the mediating role of experienced HR practices, assuming that good perceptions of the HR practices implemented can lead to better attitudes towards the organization. The implications of alternative work prac- tices for the experience and outcomes of work, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 54, pp.


Loj of Behavioural Integrity on HR Practices and Employee Outcomes Affective commitment was measured on a four-item scale corresponding to the following statements: One set of links exists between HR practices, both intended and experienced, and employee outcomes. This means that the quality of the relationship between employees and their immediate managers is capable of influencing the perceptions of the HR practices, changing the attitudes towards 66–003 organization.

Turnbull eds Reassessing Human Resource Management, pp. The choice to use an XIHRP as a summated scale to measure the latent construct of intended HR practices 66–003 based on past studies that have suggested this procedure as a way to obtain more parsimonious and precise estimates Singh and Rhoads, ; Bandalos, ; Steenkamp et al.


Although ,oi studies have highlighted the increasing involvement of managers and supervisors in HR activities Hutchinson and Wood, ; Char- tered Institute of Personnel Development [CIPD],their role in eliciting positive attitudes from employees has largely been underestimated Boselie et al.

Specifically, for discrimination to be achieved, each correlation should be less than 1.

This approach to gathering perceptual and objective information assures data reliability and minimizes the risk of common method bias Podsakoff et al. However, evidence to date tends to provide stronger support for the optimistic perspective Ramsay et al.

To establish mediation, indirect effects and their significance were looked at, as estimated with the boot- strap method. A principal component analysis and a reliability analysis were performed to check these items for dimensionality and internal consistency. Limitations The contributions of this research should be viewed in the light of some limit- ations.

Air Quality Data – Annual Statistics Including Summaries with Reference to Standards

The complexity of the changes taking place in the economy has increased the importance for each organization to use its resources as efficiently as possible, and this is especially true for human resources.

Both solutions have validity and effectiveness, although both cover only one side of the coin. An intended HR prac- tices index indicated in the structural model as IHRP was computed, based on the total number of practices implemented within each organization i.

Method Sample and Procedure The proposed model was tested using survey data made available by Great Place to Workw and collected from 6, employees of 37 Italian companies.

Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan, sub-licensing, systematic supply, or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden.