Good evening, I recently had a Buderus G installed with a Logamatic control that monitors the boiler and the DHW unit. I don’t. Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 4 Buderus Logamatic manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual, . View and Download Buderus Logamatic applications manual online. Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, .

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However this thing is currently set up, I get the impression it’s not as efficient as it is supposed to be, so if you could provide some information and insight as to what it’s trying to do and how these settings affect its response, that would be great. Aprilaire – Basic Solenoid Question.

Troubleshooting Domestic Hot Water The old setup was using Aquastat and Honeywell controllers for the circ pumps. Amtrol makes a good indirect. Description Of Wiring Terminals Table Of Contents Terminal 64 and 63 go to L and N on the taco relay.

Isolation Relay logamattic High Amp Burner page 62 9. As for the dhw, the logo came with a probe that goes into the well on the water heater where the aqaustat is now. Logamatic Controls applications manual Last edited by NJT; at Buderus Logamatic Operating Instructions Manual 64 pages.

Entering A Vacation Program As far as the dhw circ goes, it gets powered from 24 25 not the relay. Yes, that is correct].



Training and Education Pro’s Forum: The house is 28 and it was added sometime after the original boiler, so it could be 20 years old. The thermostats are set higher than the heat reaches so the zone valves remain open, so the boiler is in essence heating the entire available load all the time.

Find all posts by DJD The lowest temperature in this part of Connecticut can logamstic anywhere from -2F rather extreme to 10F, based on weather history in the past 10 years or so, so I figured 0F is a reasonable design temperature. Using The Controls Safely The furthest zone thermostat reads 63, but I question the accuracy of that, as it doesn’t feel like that much of a difference in temperature when I walk over there.

What would be more of an ideal, hours of burner time in a hour period?

Here are pics of bottom of Boilermate and the new sensor that goes to the Log. When I install these I set it up like I explained. The logo will give power to the relay once the indirect is satisfied.

New Install Wiring Help Needed – G115 / Logamatic 2107 / Taco SR504 / IDHW

Calling Up The Menu I am still researching but please offer any guidance to point me in the right direction, thanks. Getting Pumped for !


Always follow manufacturers instructions, because like it or not, the Engineers at those companies make their recommendations for a reason. The only thing this guy did was put the fuel fittings on each end of my new line, replaced the old filter at the tank and flipped the switch. logamaic

I moved into the house in and it was already installed so I do not know how old it is. I have the thermostats set to 74 so the circulation is constant, and the living room zone which is right above the boiler room gets up to Logamatic Controls Applications Manual It fired right up and has been working great ever since and saving me money.

And no, I had never done one before. Power to terminals 61 and 63 are interrupted when the system is in domestic water production. Calling Up The Service Level Now push the AUT button and you will be back in Automatic above the freezetemp.

As an aside, besides doing logamxtic the heat loss math, is it possible just to cross-check it empirically by taking a degree day and putting logajatic into night mode logamaitc a fully-heated to degree day mode and seeing how long it takes to drop x degrees?