: LA PINTURA DE MANET: 60 pp. 20 x 13 cm. Rústica con solapas. Castellano. Alpha, bet & gimmel. IMPORTANTE. Lea Nuestras Condiciones. Available now at – ISBN: – Rústica – ALPHA DECAY, Barcelona – – Book Condition: New – 1. – Nuevo. La pintura de Manet by Michel Foucault at – ISBN – ISBN – Fondo De Cultura Económica –

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I was struck by his suggestion that the scandal caused by Manet’s Olympia in is partly due to the fact that, unlike its Renaissance predecessors, the source of the lighting comes from our viewpoint, and therefore that it is we who call that shameless nudity into being.

Manet is known among other things as a precursor of Impressionism. Omar rated it liked it Feb 20, Foucault is best known for his critical studies of social institutions, most notably psychiatry, medicine, the human sciences and the prison system, as well as for his work on the history of human sexuality. ppintura

This book was a speech that Foucault did as a seminar on Manet. Was the Tate was just trying to cash in by publishing this one? The thing I like about it is that Foucault is not an art reviewer or someone from that world. Pinrura to Book Page. It doesn’t strike me as a major contribution to the study of either aesthetics or lw, but it is a lecture I know I would have enjoyed in person.

Dec 22, Joja rated it really liked it.

The good news is that Foucault’s spoken style, as transcribed by the translator Matthew Barr with most of his repetitions intact, is much more approachable than what I have seen of his writing.


I love Foucault and Manet, and I was excited to find that this book existed when I came across it at the Barnes Collection bookstore, but this lecture was not interesting either in terms of art history or philosophy.

Emilie rated it liked it Feb 02, This is not a book to read as an introduction to either Manet or Foucault. Aug 03, Beth Younge rated it really liked it Shelves: Books by Michel Foucault.

Niusha Derakhshan rated it liked it Aug 31, Timothy rated it really liked it. Srimanta Mitra rated it really liked it Sep 23, Der Aufsatz in der Merve-Edition ist eigtl.

Manet and the Object of Painting

For me this makes excellent art criticism. In this encounter between one of the 20th century’s greatest minds and an artist fundamental to the development of modern art, French philosopher Michel Foucault explores Edouard Manet’s importance in the overthrow of traditional values in painting.

Burcu rated it pintuura was amazing Oct 27, This is a brillant book for a beginning of a study of art or for someone who knows a lot about it wants to have a quick read.

While I agreed with a lot of his observations, I found the majority of them unoriginal. At times I was frustrated by the limited scope of Foucault’s inquiry, as for example his blindness to the fact that even in Manet’s flattest pictures, such as The Execution of Maximilian Mannheim,the eye’s expectation of depth engages in dynamic struggle with the artist’s imposition of the plane. In a late flucault he definitively stated: With a new introduction by leading French critic and Tate curator Nicolas Bourriaud and a note on the translation by Matthew Barr, this is a major contribution to the fields of both modern philosophy and art history.


File:Foucault Michel La pintura de – Monoskop

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. His writings on power, knowledge, and discourse have been widely influential in academic circles. I feel that painters and art historians up to this point had all ready explored and written about Manet’s flatness, the displacement of the viewer, and the recognition of painting as a 2D object rather than an illusory window.

Desde el Quattrocento uno de los movimientos fundamentales de toda pintura era la de desaparecer la materialidad misma que sustentaba el cuadro, hacer olvidar que al final todo estaba en una pared, un lienzo.

Manet and the Object of Painting by Michel Foucault

James rated it liked it Aug 22, Foucault’s project was particularly influenced by Nietzsche, his “genealogy of knowledge” being a direct allusion to Nietzsche’s “genealogy of morality”. Michele rated it really liked it Jun 27, Compared to his other writings, this is foucahlt much a book you can read on a good bus ride from Downtown L.

Goodreads helps you keep track pintuta books you want to read. Mykel Yee rated it liked it Aug 05,