arbitrage, fumerie akiirameta. kaisoo fanfic rec – graphics. arbitrage // anterograde tomorrow // what a beautiful mess this is // waxing & waning: two moons. my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie. If anyone has not yet read the monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW. After you have. Title: Arbitrage Author: Fumerie Pairing: Kaisoo (Kai and D.O) Summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an.

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Crashing countries and futures. He sweeps the steering wheel in an almost too large motion, sending the car into a wide arch before reigning it in again, feeling the subtle shock slam through his body as the back of the car almost hits a concrete post. It might just be his imagination, but he sees the silver Jaguar again on his drive home in the early morning hours, its taillights broken and side door caved in, the metal frame barely hanging on to its hinges. It isn’t a race, not when both Kai and he are on the same wavelength, soaring down the empty stretch of the road staring into each other’s eyes as if they’re about to do some kind of suicide dive off a cliff together.

That first night we met, after the race. The hot pan sizzles, loud and distracting.

Crazy shit, only those two, really. Kyungsoo had seen it back at the garage, but the shine of its coat looks absolutely stunning under the street lights. He said, “I heard you’ve been looking for me,” and Nice Smile guy, Joonmyun, told him, “Show us what you’ve got. There are all kinds of reasons to drive a car off a cliff. I’ve seen you race. There’s no money vault.


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The asphalt is cold and wet, the drizzling spring rain soaking into his pants. It was a helpful supplement to the written explanation of time traveling, especially in distinguishing the three Kyungsoos.

It obviously is not part of the race, but no civilian drives like thatmuch less a Jaguar owner- “Oh shit,” Chanyeol’s breathless laughter comes through loud and obnoxious over his earpiece, “oh fuck, that’s his flaky ass majesty! I don’t think we go to the same place. The other man doesn’t move away when their shoulders touch. Then Lu Han came along and they were this inseparable trio of hell. Kyungsoo steers the car to a perfect swing before hitting the gas again, speeding back to their starting point.

He’s one of those people who can’t stop talking when there’s another person in the same enclosed space. Baekhyun screams somewhere beside him. Maybe he could help, Jongdae said. They grew up together in the same neighbourhood.

The pavement feels wet and cold under his fingertips. He bites down on his lip and slams down on the accelerator. It actually helped me get a more clear understanding on the story. Not quite a good idea sometimes. He can hear the jaisoo of the engines revving up. Long fingers tap against the window pane.

They’re racing with civilians tonight. A stack of money turned into love turned into some metal wreckage off the side of the road.

He passes by a arbitrahe stand on his way.


kaisoo arbitrage

Some white-collar banker looking for a bit of thrill on the weekend. I don’t know – four, five years ago I guess?

Kyungsoo walks over to the car, leaning against it, going over his options. The last time I saw him was before the official announcement of Race War. Eternalism is the theory that all points in time are equally real, as opposed to the idea that only the present is real. In the next beat, he lets himself slam against the Jaguar.

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They aarbitrage won those cars together. Or rather, Kyungsoo thinks Kris must be rolling his eyes, since his head is still submerged somewhere under the hood arbktrage Kyungsoo’s new Genesis. But I don’t know, somewhere along the line Sehun and Lu Han ended up together.

He curls his hands into fists, nails digging into his palms as if he could claw out the shivery feeling under his skin. The early joggers and salary workers barely glance at him when they pass by. Till death do us part, just us two against the world, etcetera. When Kyungsoo’s eyes blink open again, Chanyeol is there, pulling him out of his car and wrbitrage a bear hug, laughing and shaking him vigorously. Everything after that is a blur as they speed side by side towards the finish line to the screeching haze in his head, tiny shocks vibrating through his body with every impact.