Sholom Secunda’s If Not Higher is a musical dramatization of one of Isaac Leyb Peretz’s most famous short stories, “Oyb nit nokh hekher.” This story also forms. IF NOT HIGHER. And the Rebbe of Nemirov, every Friday morning early at Sliches-time, disappeared, melted into thin air! He was not to be. If Not Higher by I.L. Peretz. Taken from Jewish Short Stories from Eastern Europe and Beyond, a 10 CD set available from our store at.

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You know the Lithuanian Jews—they rather despise books of devotion, but stuff themselves with the Talmud and the codes.

Is one not necessarily superior to the other? He watches as the rebbe fells a tree, chops it into firewood, and returns to town to offer it for sale cheaply to a poor, elderly, bedridden Jewish widow.

“If Not Higher:” Discovering Jewish Values Through Yiddish Literature

For Peretz, Zionism was but one of the various Jewish political movements to which a fortified Jewish culture in its own languages could be a preferable alternative and better serve the Jewish future. They have never been told any such thing, of course, by their rebbe, who keeps his whereabouts a mystery.

I’ve lost my password. The Lithuanian has heard him sighing and groaning for a whole hour. More information about this oral history excerpt Themes: Do they each have a legitimate place in Jewish experience?

In any case, he no longer felt impelled to deprive the folk of their cherished, harmless belief. Thereafter, he was relegated to employment within the bureaucracy of the Jewish communal structure in Warsaw.

He thought that a revitalized Jewish culture, reborn in part through its languages, would actually enable Jewry to hold its own alongside neighbor cultures in Europe. Moreover, he came to appreciate some of the moral values and lessons underlying even buried beneath Hassidic practices, lifestyles, and beliefs.


It was not until that he published his first prose. Shrewd, hjgher, and sly. Do you or someone you know have stories to share about the importance of Yiddish language and culture in your life? First, the rebbe here fulfills i.l.peret mitzvot of charity and kindness.

Hughes, Campbell Assistant Engineer: The Lithuanian steals in behind him, and sees, in the gray light of dawn, a poor room with poor, broken furniture. In promoting Jewish culture in place of insular religious life as the prime force of i.l.prretz Jewish peoplehood and as the ensurer of a viable post-Emancipation Jewish existence, he continued at the same time to identify on certain levels with—and even model some of his ideals on—Polish struggles for national and cultural-national identity and preservation that had served as alternatives to political independence or sovereignty.

He was not to be found. Logical, rational, calculating, and correct, Stuffed with knowledge, Bursting with Chapter and Verse. After that the Lithuanian hears the beds in the house squeak—the people jump out of them—a Jewish word is spoken now and again—water is poured on the fingers—a door is opened here and there. o.l.peretz

“If Not Higher:” Discovering Jewish Values Through Yiddish Literature | Yiddish Book Center

In jot of the back streets he stops beside a poor, tumbledown little house, and taps at the window. And you, you have such a great and mighty God, and you do not trust Him!

In that process, they become part of a folk culture in which knowledge of authorship has evaporated. Although he continued with Yiddish poetry, the major efforts for which he is best remembered are prose: Serving the lowly, he celebrated his Maker, Offering his litany with joy.


At the same time, it echoes perceived Hassidic flavors, beginning with its opening passages. And without further ado he goes in. A man of the mind, a man of the book. He intends to stay there all night to find out where the Rebbe goes, and what he does at Sliches-time.

He altered some of his attitudes, without i.l.perrtz them altogether. Marlene Hait was born in in Landsberg am Lech, Germany. The time is long ago; The bittersweet past; alas, the dead past.

If Not Higher

His education, which bg solid exposure to traditional Judaic learning in his youth—as well as to secular subjects, modern scientific reasoning, and Western knowledge—was mostly private. Soon, soon the Jews of Nemirov Would stand swaying before their Creator And soon, soon His judgment would be inscribed: And the Rebbe answers again in the Little-Russian speech:. The Rebbe puts them on. Sign up to receive a weekly email with a highlighted video clip: And the Lithuanian hears the sound of his own heart-beats mingle with the heavy footfall of the Rebbe; but he follows on, and together they emerge from the town.

Original authorship of stories, just as original composition of tunes, can be accomplished initially in unwritten form. When she still declines out of fear that she would never be able to repay even i.l.prretz small a loan, he reproaches her—as a Pole or Russian speaking to a Jew: The Yiddish Burlesque Theater in Toronto 2 minutes 8 seconds. He was something else.