Hugo Münsterberg was a psychologist and author of one of the first works of film theory, The Photoplay. Allan Langdale teaches in the Film Studies and Art. Those with more than a passing interest in film studies may have encountered aspects of Münsterberg’s theory of the cinema in film history texts (such as David . Hugo Münsterberg was a German-American psychologist. He was one of the pioneers in applied psychology.

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There were also threats against his life.

He learned to speak English rather quickly and as a result his classes became very popular with students, in fact he was attracting students from James’s classes. For the James-Lange theory of emotion, “emotions are by-products of bodily reactions elicited by a situation.

Psychology and Industrial Efficiency. Views Read Edit View history. He received his Ph. During that year he founded the Amerika-Institut in Berlin. fiom

Years of Film Theory: Münsterberg and Beyond | UCLA Film & Television Archive

The munsternerg were surprising in that even with “highly trained, careful observers, whose attention was concentrated on the material, and who had full thelry for quiet scrutiny He is also credited with being among the first to consider jury research. Meehl Charles E. Boston and New York: In fact he was the first to apply psychological principles to the legal field, creating forensic psychology. In the same year he married a distant cousin, Selma Oppler of Strassburgon August 7.

Hugo Münsterberg

He also applied psychological principles to the field of clinical psychology attempting to help those who are ill through a variety of different treatments. A notable episode in this facet of munsterbeeg career involved his exposure of the fraudulent spiritualist medium Eusapia Palladino. He entered the University of Leipzig in where he heard a lecture by Wilhelm Wundt and became interested in psychology. But he himself had no doubt that such a merely impressionistic method could not satisfy the demands.


Contributions made by the students of Hugo Munsterberg”. Clark Anne Anastasi Leona E. Inhe was promoted to assistant professorship and attended the First International Congress of psychology where he met William James. He also passed an examination that enabled him to lecture as a privatdocent at University of Freiburg.

He also employed reciprocal antagonism which is when you strengthen thoughts opposite of the behavior that is causing the problems. As a result, he had a great influence of many students including Mary Whiton Calkins. Fearing a patriotic response to overt support of the German Empire would undermine his own more covert approach, he condemned the forming of an alien party within the Munsterberv States as “a crime against the spirit of true Americanism” and said that its results would reach far beyond the time of the war.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Psychological Study as one of the early examples of film theory. Bray Carol D. They go on thinking that their legal instinct and their common sense supplies them with all that is needed and somewhat more. They knew too little of the characteristic features of the vocations to which they wanted to devote themselves, and they had given hardly any attention to the question whether they had the necessary qualifications for the special work.

Warren Robert S. Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. Kazdin James H. The lawyer and the judge and the juryman are sure that they do not need the experimental psychologist.

Tyler Albert Bandura Donald T. He exposed it for the students to view for only five seconds, and then asked them how many black dots that they thought were on the sheet. Hebb Neal E. Retrieved from ” https: Psychical Research and the Origins of American Psychology: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Essays on Psychology and Crime.


Hugo Münsterberg – Wikipedia

On the witness stand: When trying to understand the causes of abnormal behavior, he saw many mentally ill people. He was affiliated with many organizations while at Harvard including the American Psychological Association of which he became presidentthe American Philosophical Association of which he also became presidentthe Washington Academyand the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Though he firmly believed that women should receive where possible, a higher education, he felt that graduate studies were too difficult and demanding for them. This second newer system started in Boston and is essentially a form of career guidance for children.

He describes how eye witness testimony is inherently susceptible to what he calls “illusions” where a subject’s perceptions could be affected by the circumstances, making their memory of the events that transpired or testimony inaccurate. All variations of will and feeling, of perception and thought, of attention and emotion, of memory and imagination.

Essays on psychology and crime. However, for James ideas cause behavior. Columbia University Press He believed that certain mental neurological illnesses have a cellular-metabolic causation and diagnosed based on his behavioristic observations of the subject’s reactions to interviews of them by him.

HeinzeJews and the American Soul: The main objective in most of these articles was eyewitness testimony which examined the viability of said witness testimony. Goodheart Melba J.