19 items Honeywell Rondostat Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve TRV 1X HONEYWELL RONDOSTAT HRE HR HR Heizkörperregler. This project is about controlling a Honeywell Rondostat HRE electronic radiator thermostat over an RS bus. The idea for this project. The HR Rondostat. Is an electronic radiator control. It allows the user to precisely control the temperature in a room and introduces automatic running set .

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honeywell hr20 | eBay

I think i have to upgrade to a wireless version now No spaces or punctuation in the honeyqell are accepted. The datasheet is here http: I don’t see RFM12 consumes more power.

It is no way how to calculate Km from Kenc or Kmac. Have you only one HR20? If I don’t want to use a switching timer, Hello Jiri, I’ve tested your fixes and they are working for me. I looked at the PCB in honeyaell to determine what is pin 1, so I will use this numbering, and hopefully this notice will avoid any misunderstandings of the pin numbering.


However, given similar size, its antenna may be not as efficient as a 2. In the past I had the wish to integrate the HR20 into “my system”. Seller’s payment instructions Deustche Bankkonto vorhanden. Does all this fit into HR20 left honegwell anyway? But in this case we will see sometimes “X” after “y” but it newer happen in your log.


The 2ms is the time from sleep to standby. Then the slave transmits the values to the master and then to the iPhone.


I’m about to buy some HR20s to join this very interesting HR20 development. This bus is not protected to noise and cables will be too long. Maybe I add a feature to load the eeprom structure from a file to have more flexibility for different versions. This is the video https: The only problem is, as you explained, that you only change Is if the temperature value changes.

I have a blank display after some seconds only with this software. But we don’t have a choice, because it was save many bytes in RAM and Flash.

I would like want only this hoeywell Whats the use of having a water tap that you dont open or close completely? One had a fault where the battery cover was being moved off by the motor spindle but jammed a bit plastic in it to stop this from happening. I never saw this problem, but I found it on code review.


Over the summer I disconnected it with a view to installing it on a new radiator and valve once the winter weather came back. I have plan to some improvemnts, but nothing critical. It is not usable for real live, I must refactor some code and add real functionality. I cannot change this behavior, because we rented this honeywelo.

One comment on the ‘RFM’ version: Would probably require some Addressing-Layer in your Programm. Again, Amazon have kindly said they will replace the item FOC – I cannot fault the Amazon service here, but the product itself, although an excellent idea, is honeyaell down by the short life until failure.

OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

We will need this text snipplet later probably for the User Documentation. Concerning a new regulator model, I have unfortunately no experience and would have to do a lot of experimenting and development work to get something reasonable to work. RS HW is extremely simple, see ronostat http: