Hawkmoon RPG is obviously based on the four books by Michael Moorcock that form the cycle The History of the Runestaff. Like Stormbringer. Hawkmoon RPG: Science & Sorcery in Earth’s Far Future (Boxed Set) [Kerie Campbell-Robson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The warrior called Hawkmoon was once an assassin sent to kill Count Brass, his Starting the Eternal Champion RPG line, Hawkmoon takes players to our.

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This traveling adventure makes a good introduction to the northern realms. Behind its massive, five-p or tailed seawall, Imrryr sits nearly impregnable.

Hawkmoon (role-playing game)

Visions of bloody waves ceaselessly haunt their dreams, presaging a doom to come should the heroes fail to heed Straasha’s urgent call.

The farmland to the south is a living hell to the slaves who work the great plantations. Indeed, because of the setting’s unconventional nature ‘science fantasy’and its familiar ‘real world’ references far-future EuropeHawkmoon was a refreshing change from the Middle-earth campaigns that I had run throughout most of the late s using ICE’s MERP system, of course.

Each Player commands one or more Young Kingdoms in a desperate struggle to assert their mastery over the world of Elric. The imagery of the books, especially the immortal King-Emperor and his palace, was incomparable.

Hawkmoon | RPG | RPGGeek

No question that Dorian is not in himself very interesting; he’s pretty cardboard hero. Upon this vacuum the greedy theocrat of Pan Tang cast a crafty eye. New kingdoms were gathered, this time by human hands. With this one volume, you have a complete guide to roleplaying in the world of Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, Yyrkoon – and, of course, the soul-stealing demon-sword Stormbringer.

Hawkmoon is a role-playing game published by Chaosium in Temple of Chaos is a mysterious and sinister place, with many dooms for the unwary adventurer. The eldest wormwood is said to be in Muscovia, where they call it by its native name of Kernobul. I guess that I didn’t notice this feature of the RPG’s treatment of the setting decades ago. James Maliszewski December 1, at Encounters on Pan Tang Based on the same game system as the enormously popular RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game, Stormbringer allows players to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, from Melnibonean Noble to Pan Tangian sorcerer.

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Here is the culmination of all adventures, the Ragnarok of Michael Moorcock’s most famed epic. At nearly 30 pages the gazeteer of Tragic Europe is thorough but a lot of it is dull, plodding stuff.

Since first the Gods forced them into the world, they have wielded dominion with their bloody might and mystic power. No Web Links Found. Spot Rules highlight specific game details.

I want to want to play it, if you get my meaning, but something prevents my doing so and it baffles me. Trees drip bulbous green-glowing maggots and scream at the dawn;three-headed wolves hunt through the undergrowth, pushing through strange poisonous plants that shiver a thousand colours down their leaves and spit venom when disturbed.

The warrior called Hawkmoon was once an assassin sent to kill Count Brass, his hand forced by the fiendish black jewel that sent its foul tendrils burrowing into his brain. Middle Earth is post apocalyptic with the sinking of Numenor, the first defeat of Sauron and the fall of Arnor. Anthony December 1, at Each must search for the bloody ring of victory through war and through facing the mystic challenges of this hoaryland.

Matthew Slepin 09 December, Other nations of hawmkoon Young Kingdoms already plot against Melnibone, and soon those plots bring war.

Yet, like all the Elric books, it can be read as a whole unit without reference to hawkmoob books. It was treated in many ways as a standard post-holocaust setting – nuclear bunkers, ancient armoured personnel carriers, all the signs of a lost 20th century world – whereas the ancient tech in the books is all r;g clockwork baboons and mind-control jewels that eat your brain.


This seemed to fit better with the novels, particularly the first three Hawkmoon stories. You face the same sorts rp situations and dangers that Elric, Moonglum, Dorian Hawkmoon, and Corum encountered, but this time you must win those legendary victories.

Or it might be that, as I said above, Hawkmoon feels like a “half-game,” neither a mere supplement to its predecessor nor a complete RPG in its own right. Adventure as a Vadhagh – aristocratic and solitary; or as one of their one-time rivals, the Nhadragh – now overwhelmed by the extinction of their civilization; or as a Mabden human faced with choice – to serve the barbaric forces of Chaos or the Lawful ideals of the waning elder races; or as one of the Shalafen who dwell in Coral Castles in the midst of the ocean; or a representative of the timorous, dissembling Ragha-da-Kheta of Khoolocrah.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. This book includes everything you need to tell such ‘heroic adventures: The Chaosium Buy at Amazon Elric: Also it would need some hacking — reputations, social class and so on would need to fit into the Tragic Europe setting. Hawkmoon was always a favorite, and felt fresh and original.

Closing What a disappointment. Nick December 1, at 2: In the dotage of Melnibone, they must rise and assert their dominance over the realms hzwkmoon creation. There they built beautiful kingdoms, each based upon the principles of balance. The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter: As a complete newbie to Moorcock, I’m going to take your advice and check out the Corum tales.