Head over to the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan and discover wall paintings in the Shekhawati havelis (mansions) of Fatehpur, Nawalgarh. Though the havelis in Shekhawati might look dilapidated from the outside, some of them are still active as living spaces. I met Shakti Kaloya and his family, who. Shekhawati in Rajasthan is an offbeat region famous for antique havelis with intricate frescos and doors. Here is a guide to the villages of.

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During my interaction with locals, I was told the construction boom was not only intended as an opulent display of social status but sometimes they were also a way of generating livelihood for the local people during times of severe drought.

Located 60 kilometers to the west of Jaipur, Sambhar is a quaint, yet picturesque tow. Rich marwari merchants have been pouring money into Shekhawati making it a rapidly growing area.

Ina french painter Nadine Le Prince visited Shekhawati and fell in love with the architecture of this Haveli. Buses also ply between Mandawa and Jaipur and Bikaner respectively.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Public transport between the villages can get inconvenient. As with most art, mythology and religion also provided constant source of influence and inspiration havellis Krishna being a particularly popular motif in the frescos. Leave a Reply O reply.

The frescos around it vied for my attention, but my eyes scanned the length of the door. The small niches on the extreme left have images of musicians, dancers and flywhisk bearers.

This was shekhawatl old capital of the region and continues to remain the largest town here. The motifs on the havelis show the various influences on the artists and their art. Ganesha is usually installed at entrances or doors, as the god is considered a harbinger of good fortune and remover of obstacles. Fatehpur and the Haveli restored by a French artist: Their phenomenal economic success was soon reflected in the art and architecture commissioned in their native lands.


Hira Lal Sarawgi Haveli has some rather hilarious pictures including that of a stiff English couple on the one hand and presumably Menaka trying to seduce Vishwamitra. On one of my trips to Nawalgarh, I actually saw one Haveli being razed to the ground.

Perhaps the best-known havelis of Jhunjhunu are the Modi Havelis pictured below. Application of a brilliant blue colour, made from indigo, helps in adding contrast and highlight to the paintings.

It has contributed a lot to the development of Rajasthani language and linguistics. Shekhawats ruled over the largest number of Thikanas in Jaipur Rajwara. The frescos here depict stories from the Hindu hsvelis and if you are really interested in art, this is one haveli that will keep you occupied for a long time.

The Havelis of Shekhawati

The facade on the exteriors fooled me to think this room to be a godown of sorts, but once I entered the door and I was left spellbound.

This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat As decades passed, the region attracted merchants from the neighboring Marwari community who set up their homes here. The presence of high tone at suprasegmental level classifies it with other dialects of Rajasthani.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. I was given a royal welcome and invited for a sumptuous lunch there.

Painting ceilings is an arduous task and requires much skill and patience, often involving long hours of standing on stools. I was in Shekhawati in Rajasthanshekhawato region known for its ornate Havelis, vibrant frescos, and gargantuan doorways. Similarly, the arrival of modern inventions is also reflected in some of the latter-day frescos as the motifs of telephones, trains and even hot air balloons make their way into the canvas.


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Fading Grandeur: The Havelis of Shekhawati | Sahapedia

The havelis face each other and have some of the best woodcarvings as well as frescos in the city. Its area is shekhawwti kilometers. These floods cause even more damage to the already damaged frescoes. In some of them the everyday meets the fantastic as Krishna and Radha take a ride in a flying car. Views Read Edit View history. This region was also influenced by Avanti but later on Nandas of Magadha defeated Avanti.

One such gem is the residence of Rajput rulers, Shekhawati region. There is also a fort sehkhawati stands at its heart and is now a charming heritage hotel. All these havelis are privately owned and hence receive almost no patronage from the government. Like what you’ve read? Staying in these heritage hotels is a great way to experience the traditions and ideals of a long-lost era. Laxmi, 65 years old, haveliw as a caretaker along with her husband at Chokhani Double Haveli, Mandawa.