Species affected: Mainly chickens, serotype 2 also occurs in turkeys and ducks. Age affected: Causes: Infectious bursal disease virus is a birnavirus. It is highly . Infectious bursal disease – Immunosuppression – Pathotype – Vaccination. Summary. Introduction in the sector over the sanitary status of poultry. Gumboro. In all poultry producing regions of the world, infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV ) continues to be a major constraint for poultry farmers.

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Young birds at around two to eight weeks of age that have highly active bursa of Fabricius are more susceptible to disease.

Economic impact of recurrent outbreaks gumoro gumboro disease in a commercial poultry farm in Kano, Nigeria. In addition, the existence of a worldwide-spread genetic lineage of IBDVs designated as distinct IBDVs has been described, which cause only immunosuppression. A non-canonical lon proteinase lacking the ATPase domain employs the ser-Lys catalytic dyad to exercise broad control over the life cycle of a double-stranded RNA virus.

Histopathological and immunohistochemical diagnosis of infectious bursal disease in poultry birds

Serum blocking was done using normal goat serum and subsequently non-specific binding and endogenous peroxidase blocking was followed by overnight incubation with chicken polyclonal to IBDV Abcam, United Kingdom.

Infectious bursal disease virus polyprotein expression arrests growth and mitogenic stimulation of B lymphocytes. Liu M, Vakharia VN. Characterization of infectious bursal disease viruses isolated in from Delmarva commercial broiler chickens. Infectious bursal disease-like virus in cases of transmissible viral proventriculitis. Table-2 The scoring of the bursal lesions in six outbreaks.

The histopathological changes in the bursa of Fabricius mainly showed the fibrotic and atrophic type of changes, which were in the consonance with the gross observations, in which the bursa were found atrophic. Comparison of agar gel immunodiffusion test, immunohistochemsitry and reverse transcription – Polymerase chain reaction for detection of infectious bursal disease virus.

As per the analysis of the bursal lesions in these six different outbreaks, the lymphoid depletion was seen the highest in the fourth outbreak 2. The presence of cystic cavities along with the cellular accumulation in the bursal follicles was also reported by Guvenc et al.


The acute phase of the disease lasts for days and is characterized by atrophy of bursa along with depletion of B-cells [ 7 ] in bursal follicles, the other lymphoid organs such as spleen and cecal tonsils are also affected. Thus, this hypervariable region of VP2 is poulttry obvious target for the molecular techniques applied for IBDV detection and strain variation studies.

Protective efficacy of intermediate and intermediate plus infectious bursal disease virus IBDV vaccines against very virulent IBDV in commercial broilers. Competing Interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. The IBDV antigens were also localized in the respiratory ciliated epithelium Figure-8 at the affected sites in the proventricular sections and in the heart muscle Figure-9whereas Pantin-Jackwood and Brown [ 35 ] gukboro not report any IBDV antigen in the proventriculus.

A total of 33 cases during 6 outbreaks were collected, of which 26 gjmboro suspected to be having affected with the disease. The kidneys are affected by a severe urate diathesis.

[Full text] Infectious bursal disease virus in poultry: current status and future | VMRR

Protective immune responses of recombinant VP2 subunit antigen of infectious bursal disease virus in chickens. Current status of vaccines against infectious bursal disease. Diversity of genome segment B from infectious bursal disease viruses in the United States. Limitations gumboroo possible interference with other herpesvirus of turkeys vaccines given at the same time, gumbodo may affect vaccine efficacy by reducing their replication in host tissues.

Adjuvant effects of interleukin in DNA vaccination against infectious bursal disease virus in chickens. The correlation coefficient between the mean histopathological scoring and the IHC scoring was also found to be positive, 0. The larger segment A 3. Effective inhibition of replication of infectious bursal disease virus by miRNAs delivered by vectors and targeting the VP2 gene.

Diseasf vaccines such as the herpesvirus of turkeys-IBD vaccine were licensed for in ovo and posthatch vaccination of broilers and layers in various countries. Statistical analysis To statistically ascertain the relationship between the histopathological changes in the bursas from affected birds and the immunohistopathological scores, disexse immunohistopathological scoring was done using the scoring scale ofas applied by Oladele et al.


Upon gross analysis of the necropsied birds, the relevant tissue samples such as bursa, kidney, junction of proventriculus and gizzard, heart, and muscles were then processed for histopathological and immunohistochemical studies.

This immunohistopathological scoring was done using the scoring scale ofas applied by Oladele et al. Further, it can also be represented graphically, as depicted in Figurewhere both of the disesae follow similar trend: Chicken recombinant antibodies specific for very virulent infectious bursal disease virus. Editor who approved publication: Prior to the visits to various farms as mentioned, necessary permission was sought with regards to collection of samples from diseased birds and generation of data either from the competent authority of disese administration Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Pokltry University [GADVASU] as well as from owners of respective farms.

Infectious bursal disease virus in poultry: current status and future prospects

Among these, infectious bursal disease IBD ranks high. Phylogeographic distribution of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus isolates in the Iberian Peninsula.

Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Churchill Livingstone Publisher; The trimming of pVP2 is performed on immature particles disase part of the maturation process. Infectious bursal disease virus IBDV affects immature B lymphocytes of the bursa of Fabricius and may cause significant immunosuppression. In addition, the junction of proventriculus and gizzard, the heart muscle, respiratory ciliated epithelium, and proventriculus also dsiease positive expression to IBD virus IBDV antigen.

The emerging viruses evade vaccine-induced immunity, and may in addition contribute their viral genome to reassortment and recombination events. Chicken bone marrow-derived dendritic cells maturation in response to infectious bursal diisease virus. It is economically important to the poultry industry worldwide due to increased susceptibility to other diseases and negative interference with effective vaccination.