This speech was delivered to the Class of at the IIM, Bangalore on defining success by Subroto Bagchi CEO MindTree. I was the last child of a small-time. Go, Kiss The World book starts off with Bagchi’s story behind the title, where he recounts the last time he visited his ailing mother in hospital. I understand that it is quite late to give a book review of the autobiography of Subroto Bagchi, titled “Go Kiss the world”, as it was first published.

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While reading the newspaper, Subroto used to feel a sense of larger connectedness with the world that made up another lesson for him which meant to be connected with a larger sibroto.

Most men take more out of life than they give to it. That time his eldest brother has got a teaching job in Bhubaneswar University and was also preparing for civil services examination. This book is truly a good read for the young ones. Every chapter kept me on tenterhooks because there was an avidity to know what will happen next, or rather if I am confronted with the same situation how would I anticipate.

Some lessons from the book: Oct 09, Khushbu Batta rated it it was ok.

No doubt It is a great work. The author literally opens up: The children of Bagchi were not allowed to call the driver because he treated the driver as an employee of the government and disliked to disturb the driver by calling him.


Go Kiss the World – Subroto Bagchi. An OTP has been sent to your email address. In reality, everything is living. If we could make people understand the issues, they would take charge and deliver the results. Therefore, Subroto asked the nurse to replace it but got the reply to do it himself by the tired, overworked nurse. Animate and inanimate are distinctions born of perception. First their joining was delayed and then were told that for next 6 months they will be paid 6K and then Liked he first few pages.

Bagchis parents role in his success Aug 01, By: As Subroto grew up, he got a job as a clerk in a government office, became a management trainee and finally settled with a job in IT industry for which he moved to the USA in Bagchi narrates himself promises you that, you will have something to cherish when you have finished reading this book.

Among the other brothers, one died early who was in Air force Army, always used to bring something for everyone whenever he visited the home.

Go Kiss the World: Buy Go Kiss the World by Subroto Bagchi at Low Price in India |

It is an autobiography. Although, some things like names and their history were dull, little stories of Bagchi kept me going. Why children of bagchi household were not allowed to call the driver the driver Aug 10, By: It has all the stamps of a quiet,consummate professional.


The juniormost engineer could simply walk kixs his office, pull up a chair and sound out what could be sometimes the most absurd technical idea or a trivial pesonal issue.

While reading, the readers will acknowledge that life is never about the destination as much as it is about the journey. To respect our subordinates more than seniors. Many of these are archived at www.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. Jul 22, We joined Moto after our engg and some 5 person from my same batch were given joining in MidTree. Why children of bagchi household were not allowed to call the driver the driver.

The art of listening has been generalized by the author for the professional as well as the bosses. After reading the newspaper, he was taught to fold it correctly. Abhishek Kataria is an experienced content writer with a little knowledge about WordPress and graphic designing. Where there is shabda, there is brhma.

Jun 21, Khem Singh rated it really liked it. My all time favourite book. Not a lot things that one won’t already know.