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Let me say it infp and this time, emphasise the key words: Today, many people cycle much faster than this without suffocating – why? One way is to use an Ecklin-Brown style of electrical generator, where the shaft rotation does not move magnets past coils, but instead, moves a magnetic screen which alternatively blocks and restores a magnetic path through the generating coils. Dealing With the Vehicle Computer.

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

As another example, consider a glass tumbler filled completely with water. If you feel that this opposition to free-energy and related technology is a figment of my imagination and that the people who state that more than 40, free-energy device patents have already been suppressed, then please consider this extract from a reminder to Patent Office staff in America to single out all patents which have to do with free-energy and any related subjects jk take those patent applications to their supervisor to be dealt with differently to all other patent applications: The maximum current draw depends on the thickness of the wire as the thicker the wire, the greater the current which it can carry without overheating.

How to get out of debt: Stan Meyer’s Water Injection System. So, how does the magnet do it?


A Practical Guide to ‘Free Energy’ Devices par P. Kelly – PJKbook pdf – Fichier PDF

That is nearly right, and fish should be very thankful that they are not completely right. There is a continuous current draw when an inverter is switched on, whether the inverter is powering equipment or not.

Universities have to maintain their standing and prestige by constantly publishing research papers. So, if you are charged 15 pence per Unit, then that bulb being on for eight hours will cost you 0.

I was experimenting with various dopants in glow powders a few years ago and obtained a quantity greater than needed since it is always good to buy too much when it is a great deal. I am only presenting my own understanding feee his device, as even Don implied, It is not Free Energy it comes from understanding resonance.

What exactly IS a permanent magnet? He got funding to allow him to start manufacturing retro-fit kits which would allow any car to run on water alone and not use any fossil fuel at all.

Consequently, this information digest is updated and refined typically many times each year. He built a batterypowered motor with a flywheel on the shaft of the motor.

Certainties in the year A metal aeroplane weighing tons couldn’t possibly fly – everyone knows that!! The drawing shows just one output coil, but there could be two coils: They found pnkbook if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour.


When the aerial was connected again, the lights were lit again. This is what Jim’s device looked like: Today, it is difficult to grasp what things were like not all unfo long ago, but come closer in time and look back just fifty years. When the motor shaft has rotated tree further ninety degrees, the situation on the right occurs and there, the magnetic lines of force flow upwards through the pickup coils.

This is all the more strange, considering that windmills, water wheels, hydro-electric schemes, solar panels, wave-power systems, tidal power systems and geothermal energy systems are accepted and considered perfectly normal, in spite of the fact that they all operate on energy flowing in from the local environment.

Free energy

It also almost certainly is complete frew. The Teruo Kawai Motor. He powers his farm with it and has measured more than 10 kilowatts being drawn from it. The second method for exploiting the idea is shown in the patent as: In the same way, a steam enwrgy does not run on water. Most of the pictures of wind generators and water wheels which you will see, show devices which would take a large amount of money to set up.

All technological problems have been solved, literally thousands of times, but the benefits have been suppressed by those in power.