Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. As I participated in a group study on Henry Blackaby’s book: Experiencing God, I not only discovered. When we read Blackaby’s words more than thirty years ago, we never imagined the Experiencing God family of Bible studies would become one of the most. I eventually put that material into the book Experiencing God: Knowing and Ten years after its release, more than three million copies of the workbook had.

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Not to mention constantly referring to some conference where he tells how somebody’s life was changed by wprkbook his book. It really helped me in my walk with God. Perhaps, it’s just the workbook form that I dislike. But does he teach that is how we hear from God? What about God speaking to people in the everyday, in our communities, in things that are not “full-time ministry. How can God be present in my day to day life?

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

I disagree that we can make the conclusion that facing challenges in life is evidence that we are out of step with God.

If you don’t, you are useless. Of course, Blackaby provides a tremendous amount of scriptural support for his position, so that was also very helpful. If you are seriously committed to hearing what God yod you to do or what He is trying to tell you, then I highly recommend it. In particular to see where God is working, and to be involved in His work. There is no god in Nichiren Shoshu.

Though I cannot say I agreed with everything in this book Wkrkbook will say that this book was extremely helpful to me personally! I wrote this along the side of the page: The workbook is probably better because it is so engaging. Jun 07, Pamela Tucker rated it it was amazing Experiending it for: I stepped out in faith, and I have the same fundamental experiences when face to face with God in my life with God Jul 15, Crystal rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Do we really require extra-biblical messages from God in order to know the Truth?



So I attended and received salvation and lost my roommate. He seems to give the impression that only if we move into international business, large evangelism campaigns and full time paid ministry are I agree with Blackaby’s general premises, that we need to do a better job of listening to God through prayer and reading. This study really opened my eyes to what the Lord desires from me.

Also he has given a wonderful rule of thumb for that relationship: Being a Christian is no easy walk. May 27, Chris Bates rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this as part of a study group in my church, and it truly had a great impact on my life. Overall, I thought that the principles that Blackaby presents for doing this are pretty solid.

I will do my best to recall some of these revelations. My advice concerning this book is to Wrokbook “critiquing Experiecing God Henry Blackaby” and read what other apologists have said about the false information contained in Blackaby’s book.

Read more on my blog at: Obedience is the turning point for me. However, due to the flawed theological premise, it could lead to long-term disillusionment, frustration, and unfounded fear and doubt for believers who have been told through the book that if they’re not hearing from God that there is something wrong with their Christian walk. God used the straightforward truth of Blackaby’s teaching and experience with Eperiencing to speak into my life.


Highly recommend this book for any follower of Christ. Especially in explaining how we hear from God via the Holy Spirit. The author was so right, I really experienced God in ways that I hadn’t before while reading this book. Oct 01, Charles Erlandson rated it liked it.

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Workbook by Henry T. Blackaby

The best part about it? I read an earlier woorkbook, but can’t get it to take. I don’t balckaby Henry Blackaby so I have no idea what he is really like, but the writing style of the book just smacks of arrogance sometimes. The overall theme of the book is to pay attention to how God could be working around you and how He wants you to be part of that.

Where others say, “the Lord helps those who help themselves,” Blackaby answers that God often does nothing until His people can “cease striving” and rest in Him.

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

Almost all of the reviewers on Amazon give the book blakaby stars with one 4 star book and one 1 star review.

We read this book with our Bible study group and it was a good one to dive into with others to discuss. It helped me understand my relationship with the Holy Spirit. So while I thought it was solid on its principles, the tone of the book and the examples it gave slightly diminished its value in my eyes.

And are mostly about planting churches.