These terms can either refer to an actual PostScript error or to an offending command. Each term is linked to a page with more detailed information and possible. How to solve and work around postscript error offending command show. Error: rangecheck; Offending Command: show – Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file). Are you getting an error when printing from Adobe that says “Cambria not found, using Error: invalidfont; OffendingCommand: show ]%%.

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PostScript error offending command show

I’ll do what I can to help but will probably need leading, here I found a blog that makes your work easy https: Martin Pitt pitti wrote on I am happy to run speed tests. Sadly, I don’t think I did a test print before running all the commands in post I used each of these commands in turn, and printed a small page from geany after each command. Something happened in the RIP firmware that was not mapped to the standard set of errors.

Glad to be able to help make Trusty a tiny bit better. You need to use: January 5, at This bug affects 13 people. July 19, at It is the same content as ogfendingcommand original, but with the compression removed.

If the same problem occurs from more than one application, the cause is most likely a problem at the system level. To begin simplifying a complex file, do the following:.


That was not really a good deal. Thanks for looking at this for me. Or, use the version of the driver required by the application.

Toshiba Estudio printer driver bug. You can also try printing the file to a printer with more memory. Before than the ghostscript will convert to postscript or it comes with ghostscript? March offendingcommznd, at 4: Yes, Ghostscript has replaced poppler, mainly due to the color management now available in GS, which currently only applies to printer drivers which typwcheck raster output – rather than ones like yours that use Postscript.

To begin troubleshooting, locate the error type and offending command in the “PostScript Error Types” and the “PostScript Offending Commands” parts of this document. Interestingly, the Ubuntu test page prints perfectly.

Troubleshoot PostScript errors

In Windows, configure the printer to print the error message: After you rule out a damaged file as the cause, a damaged or incorrectly written element or font is likely causing the error. Gents, Sorry for the delay in responding, but we had something rather pressing demanding all our time. You can then try to repair the problem. And did poppler’s output always “just work”, or did they go through similar issues, possibly over a longer period?

Also, include the command lines you ahow listed above. Or were there configurations with unreasonably slow output? This option to “False” from ppd file: August 9, at 2: This version uses Ghostscript again with Toshiba’s PostScript printers but with Chris’ command- line-option- based workaround.


In this case, your file contains PostScript code the PostScript interpreter can’t recognize. Another comment with testing instructions will get posted here. Switching to poppler with: It has been with Ubuntu Sending smaller files to the printer likely gets around ocfendingcommand issue.

Hi, I found that seems to be the same for Toshiba eStudio.

If an element that causes the problem is text or an element you created in the application, re-create the element. This printer worked perfectly in the previous 3 versions of Wrror but I get this error in Xubuntu Please test proposed package.

So, you have bitmap data that exceeds the printer’s memory or PostScript language limit. PostScript messages are usually insufficient to idfentify the problem. I can say shoe Ghostscript’s ps2write output is valid Level 2 Postscript – in other words, it is compliant with the language defined in the Adobe Postscript Language Reference Manual Edition 2.

If you print to an older PostScript printer or one that uses a PostScript emulator for example, a LaserMaster or LexMark printerit possible it doesn’t recognize newer PostScript code. To determine if the file itself is damaged, copy the file’s contents into a new file.