We describe two cases of erythema induratum of Bazin (EIB), a cutaneous form of TB. •. Cases had no signs of active TB, but had a positive Interferon Gamma. Erythema induratum is a panniculitis on the calves. It occurs mainly in women, but it is very rare defined pathogen. The medical eponym Bazin disease was historically synonymous, but it applies only to the tuberculous form and is dated. Erythema induratum (also referred to as erythema induratum of Bazin (EIB) or nodular vasculitis) is a chronic nodular skin disease that is thought to represent a .

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Erythema Induratum (Erythema induratum of Bazin, Nodular Vasculitis)

The prognosis of erythema induratum is excellent with appropriate treatment. When weather is cold, ankle is cold, blue and often tender. The tuberculous origin of erythema induratum Ela chronic nodular eruption of eritrma lower legs, has long remained circumstantial, since Mycobacteria cannot be cultured from lesional specimens.

Additional laboratory tests including a complete blood count with differential, chemistry panel, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and liver function tests are typically normal in erythema induratum.

Erythema Induratum (Erythema induratum of Bazin, Nodular Vasculitis)

Erythema induratum classically presents during early adolescence and peri-menopause as subcutaneous poorly defined erythematous plaques and tender violaceous nodules. Active TB infections should etitema treated more aggressively than latent infections.

The ankle skin becomes sensitive to temperature changes. Create a personal account to register for email alerts with links to free full-text articles. Nodules are typically cm in size, erythematous to violaceous in color, and have a tendency to ulcerate centrally. This page was last edited on 9 Julyat In nodular stage, pain is present; while it subsides in ulcerative stage.


Erythema induratum of bazin.

Sign in to download free article PDFs Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Page and Patients with cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa may additionally present with generalized symptoms eritfma fever, malaise, joint and muscle aches as well as neurological symptoms including numbness, tingling, sensory disturbances, weakness, and areflexia, whereas patients with EIB induratuum classically asymptomatic.

Etiology Pathophysiology Erythema induratum indurxtum classified as a tuberculid or a chronic nodular skin eruption that represents a cutaneous hypersensitivity reaction to disseminated M tuberculosis MTB or its antigens. Historical context Until recently, clinicians long debated the pathogenesis of EIB and the aforementioned association with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Lesional morphology may range from deep seated areas of subcutaneous induration to well-defined plaques and nodules, characteristically on the posterior or lateral aspects of the lower legs Figure 1.

In patients eriteema suspected EIB, start with a complete history and physical examination followed by administration of a purified protein derivative PPD tuberculosis skin test and an incisional biopsy involving an adequate amount of subcutaneous fat.

Corynebacterium diphtheriae Diphtheria Corynebacterium minutissimum Erythrasma Corynebacterium jeikeium Group JK corynebacterium sepsis.

Patients may describe a prolonged history of recurrent episodes over years or decades with new crops of lesions appearing often unpredictably. Erythema nodusum differentiated clinically by the location on the anterior lower extremities, compared indurqtum the more characteristic posterior-lateral aspects of the legs of EIB and tendency towards spontaneous healing without ulceration or scarring. Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, customize your interests, and more.

Erythema induratum of bazin.

Serological studies including antistreptolysin titer O, hepatitis A, and B, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, and Indjratum virus may additionally be positive. Arthropod bites and papular uticaria differentiated by the classically pruritic and non-tender nature of the nodules. Fresh crops of nodules appear in periphery of ulcer and ultimately break down.


Cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa differentiated clinically by lesions location- typically along medium sized arteries and pressure points; ie.

Who is at Risk for Developing this Disease? Views Read Edit View history.

Systemic Implications and Complications Although usually latent, cases of active TB infection associated with erythema induratum have been reported lungs, pleura, pericardium, peritoneum, lymph nodes, and endometrium. Indjratum, when it has occurred, it has often been concomitant with cutaneous tuberculosisand it was formerly thought to be always a reaction to the tuberculum bacillus. This section is empty. Less commonly, lesions may appear on the thighs, buttocks, arms and rarely the face and ears.

Erythema induratum also referred to as erythema induratum of Bzin EIB or nodular innduratum is a chronic nodular skin disease that is thought to represent a hypersensitivity response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis or its antigens. The plaques are generally erythematous and indurated, with an overlying scaly surface, and may or may not be tender to deep palpation. Even if an association with tuberculosis is assumed, the decision to start antituberculosis chemotherapy cannot be based on the diagnostic criteria required for the diagnosis of tuberculosis, eg, culture and microscopic detection of acid-fast bacilli.