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ER REAL ESTATE HANDBOOK, REPRINT INCORPORATES CHANGE As published, subpart E bears no resemblance to the internal Engineer Regulation (ER) , Chapter 7. It is anticipated that ER ER , Planning Guidance Notebook, 22 Apr e. ER , Chapter 12, Real Estate Roles and Responsibilities for Civil Works, Cost.

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See the Supplementary Information section below for additional guidance. United States Code U. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. Department of the Air Force. This report omits some items which appear in the usual planning report but includes other items particularly applicable to U.

Simultaneously with this action, the Division Engineer will furnish the Major Air Command with six copies of the planning report for review, approval, and subsequent transmittal to Headquarters, USAF. A copy of the agreement so negotiated will be attached to each copy of the REPR prior to its distribution for review.

Proposed construction if any should be included. Title 32 published on Nov Such reports need not be submitted to the Chief of Engineers except in those cases in which the major command submits a copy to Headquarters, USAF. Simultaneously with this action, the Division Engineer will furnish the Major Air Command with two copies of the report. The Real Estate document in support of such proposed acquisitions will be a Real Estate Summary which will contain the following elements only:.


The DOD provision states a minimum requirement; however, it does not preclude the Army from securing a longer period of use.

32 CFR 644.23 – Real Estate Planning Documents.

A Lease Planning Report will be submitted upon request of the Chief of Engineers or the using service. When forwarding the REPR, a copy of the Reviewing Appraiser Comment, concerning the estimated land values assigned therein, should be included as an inclosure to the transmittal 405-11-2.

Where it is necessary to construct or extend streets, water, sewer, or other utility facilities to serve the selected site, a written e will be obtained from the municipal authorities assuring the United States that the municipality will perform such work without cost to the United States, or indicating the proportionate share of the costs the municipality will bear.

This report should contain adequate 405–1-12 on the items listed in the following outline but need not be limited thereto:.

Such items will be omitted from REPRs where not applicable. The Division or District Engineer will participate in negotiation of the joint-use agreement and preparation e the necessary instruments, in coordination with local Army Reserve and National Guard representatives.

More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site. Information will be included in ed transmittal letter concerning status of environmental assessment or impact statement.

This commitment will be made a part of the REPR. Cornell Law School Search Cornell. Additional Documents type regulations.

The report will disclose each of the ranch units comprising grazing privileges, indicating, in tabulated form, the name of each operator, acreage owned in fee, acreage of State-owned land dr under lease, acreage of railroad land held under lease, acreage of other privately owned land held under lease, acreage under Federal grazing permits or licenses, total acreage in ranch ee, total carrying capacity of ranch unit, and actual number of stock being carried on each ranch unit; whether project will be classified as a permanent or temporary installation ; other acquisition problems, such as mining and water rights or claims, which may be encountered; and a project map indicating project boundaries, Federal and State-owned lands, and location of mining and water rights or claims.


Interested parties should 045-1-12 written comments to the address shown below on or before September 18,to be considered.

32 CFR – Real Estate Planning Documents. | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Certain items contained in Figure ER relate only to Department of the Air Force land acquisition programs for runways and approach zones and are not applicable to other projects. Considerable time, effort and funds can be saved if REPRs are foregone in those cases involving acquisition of property for U. In order to secure a use term more commensurate with the Government investment, joint-use agreements, at a minimum, will be set up on a year basis, with the option on the part of the Government to renew for an additional year period under the same terms and conditions.