Endeca MDEX Engine Basic Development Guide Version • March Guide and are familiar with the Endeca terminology and basic concepts. Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to. Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle Read more about dimension, record, endeca, mdex, query and engine.

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Generating and displaying aggregated records This section provides detailed information on creating and displaying aggregated records. For example, assume that the following parameter is added to the URL: Therefore only properties that are specifically needed by an application for sorting should be configured as such.

The MDEX Engine uses proprietary data structures and algorithms that allow it to provide real-time responses to client requests.

wcs: Endeca: A Simple developer OverView

If dimensions have been configured as in the previous section, they can also be accessed from records returned from endefa navigation query N parameter. Oracle Corporation and its affiliates are not responsible for and expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind with respect to third-party content, products, and services. The feature depends on the use of the stratify relevance ranking module.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between an ENEQueryResultsobject, top-level object, and members of the top-level object: Performance impact for range filters Range filters impact the Dgraph response times, but not memory usage. Module Description controller Initiates the primary MDEX Engine query and determines which type of page to render navigation, record, or aggregated record.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle –

Aggrbins property for aggregated record counts 91,Dgraph. When the search query is combined with this parameter, the MDEX Engine returns dimension values that create valid navigation objects. It is important to remember that, similar to record search, range filters are simply modifiers for a navigation query. Ugide Enable dynamic ranking, as in this example. These queries, and the type of objects they return, are listed below. Evaluate each page element and developpment which UI reference implementation module, if any, is the closest match to the functionality required.


Agraph default sort order and displayed record lists For Agraph deployments, the sort property should be displayed with record lists. Third-Party Software Usage and Licenses.

The remaining refinement dimension values for the records in the result set are also returned. Dimension and Property Features The Agraph program is responsible for receiving requests from clients, forwarding the requests to the distributed Dgraphs, and coordinating the results. About the record boost and bury feature Record boost and bury is a mechanism by which the ranking of certain specific records is made much higher or lower than other records. This means that for those dimensions, you need to disable dynamic ranking.

The expression will act as a filter to restrict the results of the query. AggrERecs property To get the number of aggregated records that matched the navigation query, use: Ancestors property For example, if a Wineries dimension contained four levels of hierarchy Country, State, Region, Winery and guude current query was at the region level Sonoma Valleythe ancestor list would consist of the dimension value United States first and the dimension value California second: Returns a DimGroupList object that contains the Navigation.

For information on changing the order in which Dgidx stores records, hasic the “Changing the sort order with Dgidx flags” topic later in this section. During data processing, each word in the source text that is, searchable properties for record search, dimension values for dimension search is indexed based on the alternatives for handling characters from the three categories, which is described in subsequent topics.


You can combine the four basic queries baisc one URL, with the restriction that each type of query can appear only once per URL.

The physical representation of the wine data can be presented as follows: Use Developer Studio to configure the appropriate property type. However, to achieve the desired sort behavior, the MDEX Engine must be configured correctly, because the internals of this operation are not exposed to the presentation developer.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle …

Consequently, adding replicas of MDEX Engines on additional servers provides redundancy and improved query response time. In this case MyApp. This is the default.

Descriptors also called selected dimension values are the dimension values that were used to query for the current record baxic. Record Boost and Bury Reference implementation module files are located in: For example, an album by the same title may exist in several formats, with different prices.

If Refinements Sort Order is set to Records are sorted: To reformat a snippet for display in a front-end Web application: Range filters and navigation dimension values together form a Boolean AND request.

Assuming that you have a navigation state, the following objects and calls are used to determine the available rollup enxeca.

The base and default navigation states are computed based on the top-level filters that may belong to these states. Complete dimensions represent a consolidation of all dimensions that have at least one of the following: The specifier string-based Java: The module can be used: