Meaning of électrogénèse in the French dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for peuvent rendre compte des troubles de l’électrogénèse corticale. Ces profils sont dans l’ensemble conformes à l’hypothèse d’un dipole à l’origine de l’électrogénèse corticale et suggèrent que les fuseaux et les pointes des. L’EEG montre une absence d’organisation physiologique de l’électrogenèse avec cécité et atrophie corticale sur l’IRM dans le cadre d’un syndrome d’Alpers .

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Edinburgh Oliver and Boyd,87 p. Dream recall and eye movement during sleep in schizophrenics and normals. The effect of dream deprivation Science Personal information regarding our website’s visitors, including their identity, is confidential.

Science Sleep effects of sublimina brain stimulation in cats. The new biology of dreaming. Controle bulbaire du systeme activateur. The auditory input during sleep and wakefulness. Pyramidal activity during sleep and wakefulness. Electroencephalographic signs of anaethesia and sleep during neocortical spreading depression in rats. Recovery of function m the forebrain of the “cerveau isole” cat. Hippocampo e sonno attivato.

Reticular homeostasis and cortical reactivity. The historical eelctrogenese of the deafferentation hypothesis of sleep. Cortical-subcortical relationships in the chimpanzee during different phases of sleep. Shifts of the cortical steady potential electrogenrse variow stages of sleep. Evidence for the existence of an dectroencephalographic synchronization mechanism originating in the lower brain stem. Biol 99 Effects of lesions of the rostral thalamus on brain waves and behavior in cats.


Slow dectrical proceases in the brain. Conditioned and discnminatory responses in wakeful and in sleeping cats.

Meaning of “électrogénèse” in the French dictionary

Responsiveness and discrimination during sleep. Suppression selective du sommeil paradoxal chez le chat par des inhibiteurs de la monoaminooxydase.

Conditioned induction of paradoxical sleep in the rabbit Exptl. Effects of hormones on “paradoxical” slecp in the rabbit Fed Proc. Actions of graded cutaneous and muscular afferent volleys on brain stem units in the decerebrate, cerebellectomized cat.

La phase paradoxale du corticape chez le Lapin ses relations neuro-hormonales. Synchronizing influences of the brainstem and the inhibitory meehanisms underlying the production of sleep by sensory stimulation.

Etude stratigraphique corticale de l’activite E. In Monographs in Child Psychatryedited by E.

Somnolence caused by hypothalamic lesion in the monkey. Backgroumd activity in the cerebral cortex and reticular formation in relation with the electroencephalogram. The owners of this website hereby guarantee to respect the legal confidentiality conditions, applicable in France, and not to disclose this data to third parties.

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Journal page Archives Sommaire. Elevation brain temperature during paradoxical sleep. Contribution experimentale a l’etude des mecanismes du sommeil These de Medecine. Mechanisms of paradoxical sleep as revealed by neurophysiologic and pharmacologic approaches in elecrogenese rabbit.


High-frequency activity in cortex and mesencephalic reticular formation in relation to the E. Mise en evidence du role d’une zone subthalamique dans le mecanisme de l’eveil. Conditioning of induced electroencephalographic sleep patterns in the cat. Eflect upon the E. Participation de l’hippocampe a la regulation des etats de veille et de sommeil. Observations on injections of drugs into the brain substance. Nature Physiological studies on some interactions between the brain and the pituitarygonad axis in the rabbit.

Cerveau “isole” et physiologie du sommeil. La Suppression des differents etats de sommeil These de Medecine.

ÉLECTROGÉNÈSE – Definition and synonyms of électrogénèse in the French dictionary

Nervous Mental Disease Neurophriology, edited by J. In Control of Ovulation ,edited by C.

Leurs effets sur l’activite electrique corticale et le sommeil. Multisensory convergence on cortical neurons. The timecourse of the mydriade response to darkness in the midpontime pretrigeminal cat.