Dyract eXtra is a light-curing restorative material for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth. Dyract eXtra restorative combines the fluoride release of. Dyract eXtra is a filling material for all classes of anterior as well as posterior cavities. The special properties of Dyract eXtra result from the combination of. Dyract eXtra  B3 Refill Package – 20pk () | Dyract combines the strength and aesthetics of composites with the polymerisation stress relaxation and.

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If contact with skin occurs immediately wipe off thoroughly with cotton and alcohol and then wash well with soap and water after contact.

Dyract® eXtra Universal Compomer Restorative – g Compules Refill, 20/Pkg – DENTSPLY Caulk

Eugenol-containing materials should not be used in conjunction with this product because they may interfere with hardening and cause softening of the polymeric components of the material. Product may irritate the eyes and skin. If nausea or illness develop, seek medical attention immediately.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. The Online Medical Device Exhibition.

Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin allergic contact dermatitisoral soft tissues, and eyes. Read our privacy policy for more information. Dentsply Sirona France Group: You need to be signed in to order items. If accidental swallowing occurs, drink lots of water. Follow Dental Directory on: Proceed immediately once material has been placed or protect from ambient light.


Welcome to Dental Directoryplease sign in to view prices and order items. ryract

Do not use excessive force. Contact regional Poison Control Center if necessary. How To Pay Returns Policy.

Do not take internally. Related Searches CAD software Endodontic laser Dental syringe Ultrasonic bath Flat panel detector Dental stool Denture impression tray Dental air polisher Dental turbine Bone substitute Autoclavable dental scaler Dental micromotor Automatic sterilizer Sirona eyract contra-angle Sirona dental adhesive Turbine with light Titanium healing abutment Periodontal ultrasonic insert Wire-cutting forceps Multifunction syringe.

Dyract eXtra Refills B1

Do not use after expiration date. Contact with saliva and blood during composite placement may cause failure of the restoration. If sensitization of mucosa persists, seek medical attention immediately. Dyract eXtra restorations continuously release fluoride ions, act on the tooth restoration interface as an acid buffer and effectively support the prevention of approximal caries. Sign in for prices. Avoid contact with oral soft tissues. Shade selection should be made prior to the restorative procedure while the teeth are hydrated.

Once the surfaces have been properly treated, they must be kept uncontaminated. Use as a core buildup material under full ceramic restorations may lead to premature restoration failure. Sign In You need to be signed in to order items. Order up until 6pm. Wear suitable protective eyewear, mask, clothing and gloves.

Reddish rashes may be seen on the skin. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

The choice of Dyract eXtra restorative for patients prone to risk of caries is therefore advisable as an additional care against the onset of new caries. If you’ve forgotten your password, please dyrct your username below and we’ll send you instructions on how to reset your password.


Use of rubber dam or adequate isolation is recommended. Remove any extraneous plaque or dyraact stain. Protective eyewear is recommended for patients. No residual amalgam or other base material should be left in the internal forms of the preparation which would interfere with light transmission and the hardening of the restorative.

If skin rash and sensitization or other allergic reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical attention. Any use of this product inconsistent with the Directions for Use is at the exrta and is the sole responsibility of the practitioner.

Esthetic masking of underlying intrinsic staining may require deeper preparation, allowing for adequate restorative material blending. This website uses cookies.

Your security is important to us!

Dyract eXtra is a light-curing restorative material for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth. The use of a Mylar, Bimatrix, sectional e. Keep out of sunlight. Dyract eXtra ydract combines the fluoride release of glass ionomer materials with the strength and esthetics of a light-curing composite. To dispense the material into a cavity preparation, use a slow, steady pressure. Do not swallow or take internally.