Note: Users should pay attention to the size of the file to be downloaded. If it exceeds 6 MB the browser might ask the user to download instead of viewing it. 2 Remedios caseros para la diarrea en niños. Uno de los mayores peligros de la diarrea infantil es la posibilidad de que el niño se deshidrate. Thesis. Torres Monge, Louis and Vargas Genie, Mariano Ernesto () Comportamiento clinico de la disenteria en niños menores de 5 años Hospital.

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Fruit is of apple’s size and is For anticancer activity, the metabolites were tested against breast cancer cells MCF-7 using MTT assay, while for antimicrobial activity was performed using disk diffusion assays.

Full Text Available The sugar apple is of great economic importance to the country, however, information on the anatomical and morphological aspects of Annonaceae family seeds is limited to a few species and the anatomical studies refer to very few seeds. The fractions of E.

The isothermal data fitted the Langmuir model in the case of MB sorption and the Freundlich model for all three dyes sorption. Phytochemical screening, cytotoxicity and acute toxicity of Annona Adult leaves were divided in two groups and results revealed that while one group had the highest levels of all phenols and lowest amounts of Mn and Cu, the other showed opposite quantities.

Neuropharmacological evaluation of Annona senegalensis leaves The allelopathic effects of crude water extracts of Annona muricata Eugenia uniflora is widely used in Paraguayan folk medicine.

Thus, the HPTLC and HPLC methods developed in this study provide helpful and simple tools for the quality evaluation both qualitatively and quantitatively of raw materials and extractives from leaves of E. To investigate the the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities of the methanolic leaf extract of Maerua crassifolia in mice and rats.

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At the end of the experiment which lasted 4 months, worm productivity was estimated at With all of these facts, it seems that Gagome intake activates immune responses that contribute to the promotion of health through stimulation of the immune system.

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There was no significant difference in the quantity of dissolved carbohydrates or their molecular weights between irradiated and non-irradiated samples heated at degree C for up to 12 h. The evolutionary history of Eugenia sect.

Another fruits were not bagged. This is the first report about the modifying antibiotic activity of Eugenia uniflora L. Cedar elm Ulmus cassifolia grows rapidly to medium or large size in the Southern United States and northeastern Mexico, where it may sometimes be called basket elm, red elm, southern rock elm, or olmo Spanish It usually is found on moist, limestone soils along water courses with other bottomland trees, but it also paws on dry limestone hills.

Anatomy of sugar apple Annona disenterla L. The results indicated that Brazilian Cherry pulp presented pseudoplastic behavior, and the Herschel-Bulkley model was considered more adequate to represent the rheological behavior of this pulp in the range of temperatures studied. Implications for the conservation of plant genetic resources. The maximum pollen dispersal distance mestimated using assignment test, corresponded to the boundaries of the orchard. In this paper, specific markers based on matK sequences were developed for 7 closely related Annona species of agronomic interest Annona cherimola, A.


DISENTERÍA – Definition and synonyms of disentería in the Spanish dictionary

Full Text Available From the beginning of human civilization plants and plant based chemicals are the most important sources of medicines. LC-MS analyses of alkaloids of the plant were identified as corydine, sanjoinine, norlaureline, norcodeine, oxanalobine and aporphine in the nis of A.

Effect of extracts from araticum Annona crassiflora on CCl4-induced liver damage in rats.

No existen evidencias de que prolongue la enfermedad. Full Text Available Annona cherimola Mill. The results showed that custard apple was resistent to Rotylenchulus reniformis and Meloidogyne exigua but intolerant to Radopholus similis.


Spanish | World Gastroenterology Organisation

Such an approach may elucidate subtle changes in development that discretely modify floral architecture and underlie reproductive lability in groups with superficial homogeneous morphology. Their structures are determined on the basis of spectroscopic data and optical rotation.

The results exalt the high quality of marolo pulp, showing that the preservation of native species should be stimulated. The identification of the isolated compounds was carried out using different physical, chemical and spectral methods and chromatography with authentic samples.

Sugar apple Annona squamosa, seeds, larvicide, Culex quinquefasciatus, length of storage Abstrak. At days after anthesis, the fruit reached its maximum size, with mass of 1. Myrtaceae have many folk uses in various countries. It blooms from August to November and fructifies from October to December. Administration of Eugenia jambolana Lam.

Isolation of fungi and pathogenicity test were carried out with Sabouraud dextrose agar. Because of the mycorrhizal dependence exhibited by this crop for optimal growth and the recognized role of mycorrhiza establishment for the survival and development of most of the plants produced in vitro, the effect of mycorrhiza inoculation on the development of micropropagated plants of Annona cherimola was investigated.

A wide array of ethnomedicinal activities is contributed to different parts of A.

These results indicate the possibility that Gagome intake may potentiate host defense systems in human as seen in animal studies. Antra quinones, terpenoid, flavonoid, reducing sugar, lipids and coumarine were found in fruit and seed extracts. Chemical investigation showed myricetin and quercetin rhamnosides as the major components of this fraction.