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Referenzklima (DIN ) B – Eisenstadt. Altdorf. Norderney. B – Kleinzicken. Basel (Binningen). Husum. B – Neusiedl am See. Bern (Liebefeld). Hamburg. according to the European Standard (DIN EN , ) and the German Standard. (DIN V , Nov ), respectively, the latter comprising the same . using the DIN V [4], the German standard DIN V [5], the European standard DIN. EN [3] and the American standard ASHRAE [6].

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Generally the option “equivalent window” is much easier to understand and to use. For further information, please contact our subsidiary. Not xin commercial software has this option implemented, however it is nevertheless possible to described the system as an opaque element.

Calculations of energy performance, i. Quality assurance in the production process for insulating glazing. It can be selected whether the ventilation heat losses and the solar thermal gains are taken account of in the results.

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Software calculates energy saved through refurbishment

A special tool is available for di German standard DIN part 6, where the solar wall heating system using TI implies 410-6 procedures. This way, you can ensure standard-compliant energy calculations for residential buildings and non-residential buildings. Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance. Calculation of energy use for space heating and cooling DIN V With the facade, users can select among others the orientation, micro-climate and external noise.


By comparing variants and zoning the building, this add-on calculates and optimizes energy performance certificates in compliance with the standards.

Summary of services provided by the FIW

Therefore we have prepared a special conversion tool for this procedure. Notepad Note this Noted Print. This process is suitable for standard glass thicknesses and coatings. The thermal insulation value for the glazing determined in the measurement is transferred by WLAN to the computer.

Calculation of the primary annual energy demand DIN If no special TI-option is available in the building performance tool, we recommend to model the solar wall as an “equivalent window”, having similarly solar gains and thermal losses. Users can themselves define standard values for projects and reference windows.

Details on the planned replacement window can also be entered. The benefit of replacing a window depends on many other boundary conditions such as the location, shading, type of building and heating.

Publications Software calculates energy saved through refurbishment. Energy use for cooling systems. The fill level is calculated under the assumption that the window inter-pane cavity is only filled with air and inert gas.


DIN V – Energy Performance of Buildings | Build Up

In all entry masks, sketches, standard values and help texts provide guidance. Here a gas sensor with a fluorescent coating is installed in the window inter-pane cavity, which is later covered with the glazing beads.

OIB — Guideline 6: Overheating in the summer. The most detailed input is possible with windows. Calculation results are always visible in the tool. The field trials with the glazing manufacturers Energy Glas and Roto Frank Bauelemente have shown that, in conventional production, the argon and air within the window inter-pane cavity do not finish mixing until after about four hours.

To implement this, the project partners have contacted manufacturers of gas filling plants in order to integrate the inline quality assurance into the production process for insulating glazing.

Calculation of the primary annual energy demand. Germany — EnEV