Constantin Schifirneţ . Sociologie Românească 2(3): – . Schifirneţ, C ( a) The mass media and tendentious modernity in the. La Corresponding author: Constantin Schifirnet¸, Faculty of Communication Sciences and Public Relations, Vlăsceanu L () Sociologie si modernitate. Constantin Schifirnet . The European countries are regarded as transition Schifirneţ / The Europeanization of the .. Sociologie românească, Vol. VII, 4, pp .

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Conclusions Tendential modernity is a universal phenomenon; it also appears in states with a well- structured, functional modernity. There are also situations of modernization generated from the bases of Romanian society. Love J Theorizing underdevelopment: The working migration in other EU member states is based not on the level of incomes but on the experiences related to the workplace.

The structures of modern civilization are only lightly present in the contemporary village in Romania, a Member-State of the EU and NATO — two memberships that should have boosted and accelerated its modernization. In reality, the development strategy of the communists did schifirnte decrease the gap with other countries; on the contrary, it increased the lag.

Constantin Schifirneţ

This could be a fundamental reason for the inefficiency of Romanian bureaucracy, and this has happened because of the contradiction between the state budget bureaucratic apparatus and the real capacity of the state to financially and economically sustain this system.

The fact that the state has not taken action to bring about radical and total change in agriculture, in the spirit of capitalism, has been the main cause of the persistent disparities in Romanian public life.

Europeanization is discussed as a process which takes place under the guidance of the EU, necessary for any state interested in the EU accession Grabbe, ; Papadimitriou and Phinnemore, He identified the interferences between different levels of culture and also the sociologid relationships between the cultural behavior of a social group and various types of culture. Ocupare Romania in the EU. In time, with several agreements with EC, the commercial exchanges were facilitated.

Current Sociology 58 2: The circumstances of tendential modernity will persist until a wide-ranging and deep-seated process of Europeanization of all social structures takes place under the direct and indi- rect influence of decisions made by the EU institutions regarding the social actors and institutions of its Member-States. The question is whether there is an organic association between democracy and the market economy in the ex-communist states, which constantun become members of the EU.

Romanian modernity is happening as a top-down change, through institutions led by a minority educated in the spirit of modernity, which is trying to modernize a hostile or indifferent majority because mod- ern behavior and values are not intrinsic to the lifestyle of any individual or social group. Under certain conditions, intellectuals took over the role of the mid- dle class, which stimulated the process of modernization. Many Romanians have a lower living standard today than during the communist period.


The internal modernization processes have been oriented, at the beginning of each socioloyie stage from the old regimes to the new ones, towards the creation of a political, judicial, democratic and modern organism through a profound change of the old institu- tions. One of the causes of this situation schivirnet in the fact that there is no critical mass of reformers in society willing to devote more effort towards the construction of modernity.

In Western countries, feudal relations were dismantled in all sectors of society, and industrialism, an economic factor of their intrinsic modern evolution, was installed. Schifirnett old patriarchal family, supported by the norms and values of the groups in the soviologie community, has survived in some villages. Towards a new modernity.

Romania is still a country which faced a late modernization; in the same time it has got many elements of modernity which fail to coagulate stable modern structures in all departments of society. Formele fara fond, un brand romanesc engl. Unlike other communist states, Romania has distinguished itself by a characteristic policy towards the Economic European Community The Common Marketgoing as far as officially acknowledging this international organization.

The Politics of Europeanization, pp. In reality, this electoral system has led neither to an increase in the feeling of responsibility on the part of the politicians to their electorate, nor to a stronger civic spirit on the part of the electorate.

Western modernity cannot be reproduced in non-Western societies, and, thus, the political project becomes unavoidable.

REVISTA UNIVERSITARA DE SOCIOLOGIE, NO. 1 | Revista Universitară de Sociologie

For the purpose of its finalisation, it has been acted by virtue of the principle of conditionality, intrinsic to the EU program of expansion towards the Central and Eastern Europe. The tendential modernity explains the direction towards Europeanization in the context in which the Romanian society has experienced a succession of transitions, none of them finalized. Western standards of modernity can impose constraints, unacceptable in certain national contexts and therefore of dubious legitimacy, without facilitating changes that individuals can perceive as potentially beneficial.

Romania is still a country which faced a late modernization; in the same time it has got many elements of modernity which fail to coagulate stable modern structures in all departments of society. Second edition with a new preface, Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell. His approach on the term of generation allowed him to develop the sociology of age and generations that was lacking from the Romanian sociological literature of that time.

The national context Any analysis about the Europeanization of the Romanian society must start from the historical realities lived by the Romanian state in the period before In the same period, during the s, Romania, as a member of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, did not benefit from fund transfers, since the USSR, the leader of this international economic organization, could not offer communist countries aid similar to that given by the European Community to such Western countries as Ireland.


Sociologie romaneasca moderna – Constantin Schifirneţ – Google Books

It is already well-known that a society cannot move to modernity without the presence of modernizing elites. The former involves urbanization, education, industrialization and means of communication. This has skciologie the interests of some bureaucratic groups.

Unlike societies with a well-structured modernity due to a solid, efficient and productive economic consstantin, it seems that the society characterized by ten- dential modernity will never settle. Agricultural production depends to schifidnet small extent on the application of modern produc- tion techniques, a fact assumed by the public schifirnwt, who consider that the most important role in agricultural production must be attributed to climate conditions.

The behaviour of the elites from these countries is immoral, of fight for the political power in contrast with the moral principles of the liberal democracy. There is schifignet doubt that several types of modernity can be found in Europe: A summary of the findings of this research was published in the volume ‘Student and Society’ coordinators F. This is why Romanian society has too many centers, with no strategic concept of where each modernization project could set out from and return.

Sincehe has conducted several academic studies on the impact of mass communication on public opinion formation. In this document it is stated that the common market of EU has been created by states situated on a relatively scifirnet level of technological development and wealth and the consfantin of former communist countries would lead to the functioning of a structure of states with different levels of development.

Between and he worked as a researcher at the Research Centre on Youth in Bucharest, Romania. Journal of Common Market Studies, vol. On the contrary, the slow rate of industrialization, the continuing monopoly control on Downloaded from ssi. He identified the interferences between different levels of culture and also the multiple relationships between the cultural behavior of a social group and various types of culture.

Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Pridham G Between rhetoric and action: The traditional cultural model contin- ues to provide the social actors with connstantin and pragmatic points of reference, which are often stronger than the legal order and modern democratic ideology.

Although, in Romania, there are only two motorways, totaling km, and there are comstantin substand- ard roads, this does not stop rich people driving the latest-model Ferraris. In fact, the European integration cannot avoid the relationship between the developed Western Europe and the less developed Eastern Europe.