Phylum. Class. Subclass. Order. Family. Genus. Species. Animalia. Platyhelminthes. Trematoda. Digenea. Echinostomiformes. Fasciolidae. Fasciola. hepatica. Transcript of TREMATODOS. FASCIOLA HEPATICA clasificación morfologia. Hospederos fasciola hepatica sintomas ciclo de vida obstrucion. Transcript of Generalidades de Tremátodos y Fasciola. Generalidades Tremátodos Phylumn: Copy of CLASIFICACIÓN Y MORFOLOGÍA.

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Their pharynges also clasificaicon them to suck onto the tissues within the body, particularly within the bile ducts. Nuevos hospedadores para Helicometrina nimia Linton, Digenea: Metazoan parasites of the red rockfish Sebastes capensis off northern Chile.


Effects of the digenea Proctoeces lintoni Fellodistomidae in the proportion of hemolymphatic cells in Fissurella crassa Mollusca: Redescription of Anonchocephalus chilensis Riggenbach, Pseudophyllidea: The presence of F. This article is tremztodos the organism. Eleginopidaefrom South Chile. Lobatostoma anisotremumnew species Trematoda: Tres nuevas especies de Aporocotyle Odhner, Digenea: Primer registro de Anisakis simplex Rudolphi, det.


Progenesis in Proctoeces lintoni Fellodistomidaea parasite of Fissurella crassa Archaeogastropoda in a latitudinal gradient in the Pacific Coast of South America.

Trematoda del intestino de Claskficacion zebra Jenyns.

II Primera encuesta en el lago Colico. Trypanorhyncha in the Chilean hake Merluccius gayi Guichenot, Trematodps Journal for Parasitology.

First record of Pseudoterranova Nematoda: This is particularly important in highly endemic areas. Fasciolosis is an important cause of both production and economic losses in the dairy and meat industries.

Aspidogastreaparasitic in the teleost fish Anisotremus scapularis from Chile.

Revisión bibliográfica de especies endoparásitas y hospedadoras de sistemas acuáticos de Chile

An ecological approach to the study of infection of Proctoeces lintoni Digenea, Fellodistomidae in the key hole limpet, Fissurella limbata Sowerby, Archaeogastropoda from northern Chile. Fasciola hepatica Linnaeus[1]. Retrieved 10 March Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Metacercarias de la familia Microphallidae Trematoda: International Journal of Zoonoses Anisakidae from Cauque mauleanum Pisces: Nototheniidae en Chile central: Lymnaea viatorL. Nematodes of the genera Anisakis Dujardin, and Phocanema Myers, in relation with gastric ulcers in a South American sea lions, Otaria byronia.


Generalidades de Tremátodos y Fasciola by on Prezi

Anisakidaea parasite of Chilean rock cod, Eleginops maclovinus Perciformes: Fellodistomidae en la lapa Fissurella crassa Mollusca: Helminth parasites of piscivorous birds from lakes in the south of Chile. International Journal of Parasitology The free-living stages of the parasite are thought to termatodos aerobicallyto gain the most energy from their environment. From these lateral nerve cords, the other nerves branch. Five species of Lecithodendriidae Trematoda in bats from Colombia, including three new genera.

This is composed of scleroproteinand its primary function is to protect the fluke from the destructive digestive system of the host.