Celotex have discontinued the GA insulation board. Here we explain which product to choose instead and why these changes have come. Buy 50mm Celotex PIR GA, a high performance multi purpose rigid Insulation board used as floor, roof and wall insulation that achieves an A+ rating, least. Buy 80mm Celotex GA, a multipurpose PIR insulation board that achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

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This reduces the risk of interstitial condensation between the insulation layers. In addition, every attempt should be made to minimise the risk of cold bridging at reveals and where heavy party walls are attached to the external wall.

GA products below mm will be included in the GA range with a declared lambda value of 0. The recipient of the products is responsible for any additional lifting once the delivery has been made. The use of a single continuous layer of insulation over the rafters thereby eliminates the risk of condensation and avoids the need for ventilation of the rafter space.

Celotex GA 70mm, 1.

Low emissivity composite aluminium foil Manufactured using a blowing agent with zero ozone depletion potential ODP and low global warming potential GWP. Need to discusss your enquiry further?

Celotex recommends that a condensation risk analysis is obtained to determine the optimum solution for your project. Click items below for pricing structure. Offers high performance insulation with low emissivity foil facings offering enhanced thermal performance within cavity air spaces.

Beam and block gx4000 can be insulated simply by laying Celotex Insulation boards over the floor before applying a screed or board finish.


The walls of new buildings should be designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice, e. The condensation risk also depends upon occupancy and building use.

Celotex GA – Celotex

Thickness Choose an Option The Celotex GA Range Is entirely suitable for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor systems. The off-site pre-fabrication of framed panels allows rapid, accurate construction on site. Please contact our customer services team on celitex, who will be happy to help. When used over the roof structure as insulating sarking, Celotex insulation creates a warm roof structure and eliminates thermal bridging at the rafters, whilst the foil facings, used in conjunction with taped joints, celohex an effective barrier to moisture vapour and air leakage.

For more information from Celotex you can read their statement in its entirety here. It is recommended that services penetrating ga40000 insulation or any vapour check lining board, e. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Required ancillary materials include large-headed nails, screws, washers, aluminium joint tape and sealant.

It can also be used on pitched roofs, flat roofs, solid masonry, timber and steel framed systems. Ground floors – whether solid concrete, block and beam, or suspended timber joist, and including where underfloor heating is used.

This creates a warm, potentially habitable, roof space crlotex which water pipes and tanks no longer need to be insulated. Other eclotex and refurbishment projects – lining existing timber and masonry structures to make them more thermally efficient.

All walls must be in a good state of repair with no evidence of ce,otex penetration, damp or frost damage. More information For more information from Celotex you can read their statement in its entirety here.

The old values were 0. These changes also apply to the TB insulation board which includes a size range of mm.


Celotex GA4000

A survey of the wall may be required to establish the extent of any packing that may be required to ensure the support battens provide a uniform plane for the boards to be fixed. Ga400 can be used in conjunction with appropriate internal lining boards, such as Gyproc or Knauf Plasterboards or associated products such as Knauf Thermal Laminate or Gyproc ThermaLine high performance wall-boards, as an insulating dry lining system to improve the thermal insulation of existing and new, ceootex or cavity masonry walls or timber-frame walls of dwellings or buildings of similar occupancy, type and conditions.

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The entire thickness range offers a low thermal conductivity lambda value of 0. Made at our original site in Hadleigh or our state-of-the-art facility in Eggborough opened inyou can be confident of it providing reliable, long-term energy savings.

50mm Celotex GA PIR Insulation Board | Multi Purpose Insulation

Where the services have a greater depth celottex the void, the wall should be chased in preference to the insulation. Flat roofs – in ventilated cold roof constructions, installed from inside the building. Celotex GA 80mm, 1. We will discuss this with you upon receipt of the cancellation request. The insulation boards are available in nominal dimensions of length mm x width mm This is known as ventilated construction.

Where headroom and rafter depth gx4000 limited, Celotex insulation may be fitted between and over the rafters.