Our Song, by Machado de Assis. (My translation of the short story Cantiga de esponsais). I. magine it’s You’re in the Carmelite Church, listening to one of . Key words: Machado de Assis; narrator; homeopathy; reader. RESUMO Focusing on the short story, “Cantiga de esponsais”, he claims that this and other texts. And with music as well, which was another of Machado’s passions. (), “ Cantiga de esponsais” [Wedding Song] (), “Cantiga velha” [Old Tune] () .

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And they told him it was nothing, just something brought on by the weather. However, the magistrate, who insists on how delicious the sweets are, seems to be suggesting that if Adam and Eve get the blame for casting us into a lone and dreary world, they should also get some credit for the wonderful desserts we are sometimes allowed to enjoy.

A terrible disease has been growing in the city, whose primary symptom is the swelling of the nose until it occupies more than half of the face. His more intimate acquaintances went to visit him.

This is the trajectory of the “autor defunto” mentioned in the first chapter. The narrator has, in effect, amputated his macjado nose of reliability. The evening found him no worse, and he got through the night well.

Kentucky Romance Quarterly To Eve, the serpent prophesies: He imagined his wife, those first days. The reader naturally delights at being let in on the joke, acting as a sort of co-conspirator with the narrator. And now to consider, however briefly, the masterpiece Dom Casmurro.


Machado de Assis’ homeopathic narrators

Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Pomada then urges them to put the doctrine to the test, inventing their own assiis orations and trying them out on the public. First, the autobiographer fails to establish his name, either through writing or through any other means, then he culminates his inactivity by dying, and then he writes the autobiography.

But his own declaration that he had come to discuss a matter of business with Bentinho provides an innocent motive for his presence. Machado de Assis; narrador; homeopatia; leitor.

I regard as crucial indeed the digressive chapter in which the narrator discusses his preferred manner of reading. Purdue University Press, and Reversible Readings: He confesses that he likes reading vague books, or books with gaps of information, because he is then able to imagine his own version of the details that have been absent from the text.

The first involves an evening of food and conversation at the estate of a female plantation owner in Bahia. About Publish Join Sign In. They were still there, with their hands clasped and their arms passed over their shoulders; the difference is that, instead of looking down, dde were gazing at each other now.

La, do… la, mi… la, si, do, re… re… re…. In Genesis, the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden places them in the real world and renders them mortal, which means that they can begin producing offspring. Mafhado one is an author only with his second book, when the proper name inscribed on the cover becomes the “common factor” of at least two different texts and thus gives the idea of a person who cannot esponsaais reduced to any of his texts in particular, and who, capable of producing others, surpasses them all.


Perhaps the homeopathic principle can even be taken further, relating to a general consciousness of the world as a self-consuming mechanism, much like the being described in the poem entitled machwdo criatura”, 30 which “a si mesma devora os membros e as entranhas”. If it is patently invalid, what can its importance be? For one thing, the facts of the matter are, in themselves, ambiguous.


The magistrate, then, has been a very homeopathic narrator, for in “taking back” the story he has told, in readily admitting its lack of validity, he has caused his interesting version of the account to float in a kind of epistemological weightlessness.

Modern Language Review 71, p. Machado showed a fascination with homeopathic medicine, an indirect form of treatment that uses agents to stimulate reactions similar to the symptoms of the condition to be cured. March 13, ; Accepted: And who has carefully outlined these equivocal facts, but Dom Casmurro, the narrator himself?

The assumption of everyone present is that they are descendants of Adam and Eve.