In conventional vulcanizing machine the process is mainly hand operated and is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. constructed as a heat consumer and is fitted with an automatic temperature. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor Solar Water Purification by using thermal method Fabrication of Paper cup. Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. In our project is consists of heat sensor circuit, solenoid valve and Pneumatic cylinder. The heat.

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Year of fee payment: When practical operation is to be initiated, the magnetic card 25 is inserted into the card reader 2 so that the data are stored in the RAM memory.

As described above, the molding die heating temperature is preset and controlled corresponding to the tire specification jachine a pair of vulcanizing medium step and function are preset. To prevent such malfunction as mentioned above there were already made a few proposals. Method and apparatus for controlling the automated changing of macnine plates in printing machines.

A control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing sensod vulcanizing medium into a rubber made product placed in a molding die and then discharging the same therefrom is disclosed, wherein said control apparatus includes a vulcanizing sequence timer adapted to an output function signal in response to a vulcanizing operation start signal on the basis of vulcanizing data comprising preset vulcanizing steps and functions, said vulcanizing data being read by said vulcanizing sequence timer, and a plurality of control valves for controlling introduction and discharge of a vulcanizing medium in accordance with said function signal outputted from the vulcanizing sequence timer whereby sequential function of the vulcanizing machine is automatically carried out.

To vulcanize a tire for a motorcar, the tire is heated up from both the inside and outside of vulcanizjng vulcanizing machine in the above-described manner but there machinf a necessity for a presetting a new vulcanizing operation prolonging time, platen temperature and others each time a tire specification changes.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat

The jog switch 14 serves to carry out manual step feed in each of the steps. Thereafter, a series of vulcanizing cycles are carried out sequentially with the aid of the RAM memory.

It is therefore important that technicians and engineers should have a good knowledge of pneumatic system, air operated valves and accessories. Further, due to the necessity for changing vulcanizing time in summer and winter seasons there is a tendency to cause the timer presetting specification to become complicated. As a number of machines are operated vulacnizing a single operator due to the recent wide popularization of automatic operation, there is a tendency to check many recording instruments insufficiently and therefore malfunctions are found out with much eensor.

As a vulcanizing operation start signal 60 is inputted, the time generator 61 in the sequence timer III pmeumatic time measurement and function signals 67 outputted for the purpose of introducing vulcanizing medium via the microcomputer 62 for each of the steps as preset by the card automahic so as to allow the group of control valves 69 to be opened and closed successively pneumaatic vulcanizing medium 70 is introduced into a tire to be vulcanized in accordance with the steps as preset by the card.


The term vulcanized fibre refers to cellulose that has been treated in a zinc chloride solution to cross-link the cellulose fibers.

Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing machine | Peerless technologies

One of them is that the content of recodings be automatically monitored in an optical manner as disclosed in Japanese Laid-Open Pat. Prior to initiating introduction or discharge of heating medium such as hot water, steam or the like at higher temperature and pressure into or from a tire mounted on the tire vulcanizing machine with the aid of the control apparatus of the invention as constructed in the above-described manner, it is necessary to prdetermine working time in each of the steps and machone a temperature of steam in the hot plate which serves to heat a molding die or a temperature of steam in a jacket when the latter is incorporated in the molding die.

The card reader 2 is constructed so as to read data on a magnetic card in which vulcanizing sequence control data such as time, function or ajtomatic like are stored and thereafter keep them automattic memory in the sequence timer unit 1. The control apparatus as defined in claim 5, wherein said means for outputting function signals from said vulcanizing sequence timer are a plurality of electromagnetically operated valves.

To operate them vulcanizing medium is delivered by way of a main piping under the predetermined common working semsor irrespective of tire size. Signals from said pressure switches 80 are delivered to a comparision mechanism 81, while function signals machie at each of the steps are delivered thereto from the function output mechanism Magnetic cards 7 and 25 are available commercially and normally have a capacity of 76 bite.


Specifically, the sequence timer unit 1 comprises a card reader 2, a data key board 3, a control key board 4, a connector 5, displays 8, 9, 10 and 11, a time display shifting switch 12, a mode shifting switch 13 and automatc jot switch 14 each of which will be described later.

This problem can be resolved by incorporating a converter such as an electric-pneumatic converter or the like therein. Accordingly, their detailed description will not be required. It is also possible to allow data stored in the main computer to be stored on a magnetic card When a card has a small capacity, it is divided into two parts, one of them being a step and function presetting card while the other one being a molding temperature presetting card with tire specification number inputted into each of them.

To assure that signals are transmitted from the vulcanizing sequence timer unit 1 to the card reader writer 21 and vise versa both the vulcanizing sequence timer unit 1 and the card reader writer 21 are disconnectably connected to one another via a connector 5, a connector 6, a cable 26, a connector 24 and a connector When a tire T made of rubber is to be vulcanized in a molding die designed in a split type comprising an upper die half a and a lower die half sensorr as illustrated in FIG.

Flow sensor and system incorporating the same for monitoring steam turbine drain valves.

The tube is fixed on the base of the L-bracket. A control apparatus as defined in claim 5, further including a plurality of pressure switches for detecting pilot air pressure during the introducing and discharging of said vulcanizing medium.

Further, as described above, the number of magnetic cards can increase in response to an increased amount of data whereby incorrect presetting can be sdnsor prevented by allowing a plurality of magnetic cards to have a discriminating capability.

In step 2 hot water is introduced for 10 minutes. At the same time the vulcanizing medium temperature and pressure signals 72 in a tire or a piping extending thereto are inputted into the comparator 75 as they are detected by means of the vulcanizing medium detector Alternatively, the temperature in the air layer between the thermal insulating material and the molding die may be detected.


The time display shifting switch 12 is operated to selectively display step time, total vulcanizing time, residual vulcanizing time, vulcanization prolonging time or the like on the displaying device 10 on the basis of the aforesaid preset values and the results of processing carried out with the aid of a microcomputer incorporated in the sequence timer unit 1.

A control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine in which vulcanizing is effected by introducing a vulcanizing medium into a rubber-made product loaded on a molding die and then discharging the same therefrom tio vulcanize said rubber-made product, said control apparatus comprising: It should be noted that keying on the data key board 3 may be carried out, for instance, by means of hexadecimal numerals or symbols and displaying on the displaying devices may be carried out by way of combination of the illumination of seven segment elements.

Compact size and portable Easy to move from one place to another place Operating principle is simple. However, drawbacks have been found with respect to the prior proposals in that an apparatus is a complicated structure and manufactured at a high cost with reduced reliability.

Thus, the selected function signals from the function output mechanism 64 and ON signals from the pressure switches for detecting function pilot pressure i. Now, description will be made as to the time display shifting switch Vulcanization, chemical process by which the physical properties of natural or synthetic rubber are improved; finished rubber has higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion, and is elastic over a greater range of temperatures.

The control apparatus as defined in claim 5, wherein said vulcanizing sequence timer stores preset sequential functional operations of said vulcanizing machine including the steps at which the introducing and discharging of the vulcanizing medium occur, and said comparator means further compares whether said preset temperature and pressure correspond to the correct sequential functional operations.

An arrangement is made such that the data stored on said magnetic card 46 are outputted as a function signal 47 and a molding die heating temperature presetting signal 48 by way of the steps of reading them with the aid of the card reader 43, processing them in the microcomputer 42 and then converting its output into outgoing driving signals by means of the function output mechanism 44 and the molding die heating temperature output mechanism It should be noted that the invention may be embodied in such a manner that the function signals prepared in the sequence timer II as illustrated by two dot-chain lines in FIG.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a control apparatus for a vulcanizing machine which assures that the presetting and controlling of molding die heating temperature are automatically carried out without a malfunction such as incorrect presetting or the like. In our project, the heat sensor temperature is varied by adjusting the variable braking system.