GeometryHandler is a class that is used for extracting geometry from a DWG file. It consists of a series of methods that are called for each shape type in the as. DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file. From this object, client code can request images from within the. An implementation of the MultiFramedImageDecoder class allows to render MS Office documents without MS Office installed. Public class.

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Name Description Dispose Releases all resources managed by this object. Metadata namespace for more information. This class holds a collection of UuidInfoBox objects. This exception is thrown when there is an error in the codec decoder or encoder. These represent 3D coordinates of imafing shapes in the order X, Y, Z. Initializes a new instance of the JpegEncoder specifying the quality.

PdfDecoder Class

This interface is applied to ImageDecoders that have the ability to decode an image stream to a specified scale. Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. Gets or sets a value indicating if the image is saved progressively. JpegEncoder Imaing, Int32, Boolean.

The length of each array will always be a multiple of 3. Contains general information about the PDF file. RawInterpolationMethod indicates the type of interpolation performed, if any, to transform the image into the desired colorspace. This uses memory proportional to the size of the region.


Stores detailed camera information such as make, model, and data size. This interface is applied to ImageDecoders to enable them to read a specified region of the image without decoding the entire image. The coxec resolution is calculated by: ModalityTransformed images have been transformed as with Raw images and then with the Modality Look Up Table for the image.

PdfDecoder Class

Different PDF page boundaries that each correspond to a specific imaging or finishing process. The type of compression used on the image data.

A collection of ImageDecoder.

From this object, client code can request images from within the file. Resolution structure for Atalasift information. Obtained through the [!: Event handler used when specifying compression in the MultiFramedImageEncoder. Failure to do so may cause the application to throw an exception. Copyright Atalasoft, a Kofax Company.

Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Tiff Namespace

This class contains information when a Jp2Decoder. An abstract MustInherit in Visual Basic base class that defines a file format encoder to save an image to a file.

Atalasoft DotImage Class Library. Dictates how safe our raw codec should be when trying to load files. Class Description DicomDataset DicomDataset is an object that encapsulates and models the data set structures of a Dicom file. This is unique ID that is assigned to every shape.


All image decoders used in dotImage must inherit this class. All image encoders used in dotImage must inherit this class.

Used to indicate how to render the PDF. Raw images have had little or no processing performed on them. Returns a string that represents the current object. DicomImage is meant to be used by those who need to do efficient and repeated window and leveling processing of image data. Atalasoft DotImage Class Codeec.

JpegEncoder Class

This will affect both quality and file size of the saved image. Initializes a new instance of a JpegEncoder specifying the quality, smoothing, and progressive value.

Returns information about the first page of the PDF document. Sets the downsampling factors used when compressing the image data. Plain codestream format images can not store resolution information. This object is used for events fired by an MultiFramedImageEncoder when requesting a compression type.