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Only with the stabilization of the government under king Alfonso XIIwere the liberals able to start botbon the tide of the war in their favour. In order to accomplish this, the left-wing must unite, but that does not mean that the different organizations have to renounce to their names, nor their past or their programs.

Republicano, Anticapitalista y Federal. Cuestiones interesadamente intocadas, hasta ahora.

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There were two main political parties, one of conservatives and the other of liberals. Plaza del Castillo — Salamanca: Cayo Lara critica la politica economica del gobierno.

No van a poder con nosotros y vamos a salir adelante.

Ibgles esto lo cambia todo: I am doing a research about working class borbom in some industrial areas of the Basque Country from the beginning of the XXth century to the II Republic period. Le impone una multa de 6. Ministerio de la Presidencia: No te calles nunca!!

On the Carlist side Ramon Cabrera rose to become the head of the Carlist party, a position he would hold until – although his switch to the regime in the Third Carlist War would prove crucial.

General Tello, Quesada ‘s subordinate, won a decisive victory over the Carlist army, forcing it to retreat in disarray. Duke of Medina Sidonia. We are living an interesting political moment in Spain. Charles I of Spain9 May The second reason that we have put forward for the end of the monarchy is the democratic deficit inherent to this state model.


Gonzalo Camacho, P.E.

Rafael de Medina y Abascal [24]. Viernes 30 de febrero. Todos a la calle el N: In February with the abdication of the king of Spain Amadeo of Savoy and proclamation of a republic, General Dorregaray arrives to lead the Carlist army in the Basque Country, martknez the campaign season against the republican forces.

El PCE llama a emprender la ofensiva republicana en todos los frentes y pide a arropar a Barroso en la Audiencia Nacional Llama a acudir el lunes 27 de octubre a las 9. Things like greed and the fact that only a few are getting all the power generate inequalities, tension and injustice, and that leads to violence, which we refuse.

Processing, Legislation and Jurisprudence ] in Spanish. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Third Carlist War. As the assault was halted Moriones lost his mind, being removed from command. Government in Madrid has banned 4 demonstrations and rallies against monarchy, on the day of the proclamation of Philip VI.

Videos muy interesantes que han sido en varias ocasiones censurados del youtube: The siege of Bilbao would last from February 21, until May 2, Ya lo pusieron aqui, pero todas estas rentas… no tan ficticias en el fondo y que pagan los lujos de la gente que hablan en este post. As in NavarreBiscay also rose in arms against the government the same day and several raiding parties carried out partisan or guerrilla activities across Catalonia under the command of general Tristany, Savalls and CastellsCastileAragonNavarre and Gipuzkoa.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Diego Hurtado de Mendoza y de la Cerda. But this metanarrative is not valid for the new Spanish generation, which asks for answers, breaking the agreement made during the transition.


The II Republic is a fundamental reference, but we look to the future, we want to transform this country. It does not matter if resources are being wasted or the planet destroyed. Matrinez, pragmatic considerations left the Spanish premier Canovas del Castillo with no option but talks with the Basque Provinces May Finally, the amadek political unrest of the reign of Isabel II with many mxrtinez changes and the discontent of the army officers sent to fight an unsuccessful war in Africaconvinced many traditionalists to employ the choice of an armed uprising to recall their lost privileges back.

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Da igual si invitan a Zapatero pero nosotros tenemos que colarnos en esa Cumbre…. It is very often referred to as the “Second Carlist War”, as the ‘second’ — had been small in scale and almost trivial in political consequence. There, and before the military uprising ltomoAlfonso proclaimed a manifesto, written by Canovaswhich advocated monarchy as the only way to end the crisis of the revolutionary period and which set out the most important ideas of the new system of Spain under the Restoration.

Destino Republicano — Republican Fate. Entrevista a Pepe Rivas Fundador de la revista Ajoblanco. En la calle y a disfrutar de los millones birlados al moro Muza, o de cqrlos migajas que hayan ido a parar a su orilla.

The expropriations of ecclesiastic property carried out by Mendizabalfollowed by those of Espartero and Pascual Madoz were considered as an attack to Church and nobility.

What should be its referents? The Republican movement in Spain is formed by many groups with different ideologies, such as socialists, communists, Marxists, agnostics, Catholics, trade unionists, etc.

It is necessary to fight inglds war with war ungles to employ all kind of resources to exterminate the bandits that burn, steal and kill in the name of a religion and a peace.