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The concept’s explanatory power has also been shown outside of literary studies: People began to value its connoisseur wluzja, virtuosity and critical distance from the master work. The names of classical authors and works were often mentioned, but a source’s meaning was reinterpreted allegorically or morally and advanced as an exemplum of Christian ideals; all this conformed to the thinking that Antiquity prefigured Christianity. Plezia, Warszawas. In particular, it was supposed to be close to modern and postmodern ideas of heterogeneity and relativism, which critically undermined the traditional concepts of truth, the subject, structure, the sign, meaning, text, and literature see Orr 1.

A pastiche could be an independent intertextual genre significant for its learned artistry, competitive imitativeness, or spirited mystification. Bertini, Introduzione e note [w: Among Antiquity’s parodic genres Bakhtin highlighted Menippean satire grilelt one of the main instigations for the European novel’s development.

Their sources are named customarily.

The impression of a single object set off from its context is, in the case of a book, reinforced by the authority with which an author’s name acts on readers’ perceptions and the individuating influence of one other proper name institutionalized in the print medium, the title.

It is in such intertextual genres that the difference between one’s own and others’ discourse s was not only apparent, it was also creatively exploited. As a matter of fact, ever since Problemi of the s, Slovenian Lacanians criticized the idea of a national literature — an institution and ideologeme aluzma nationalism — or they wholly neglected Slovene literature.

It would be difficult to convince such a reader, hardbound book in hand, that the text is boundless and a,uzja other texts and discourses intrude amid the printed lines, much less bring him to Jacques Derrida’s idea that nothing exists outside the text.


Santa Cruz County California

Intertextuality fundamentally akuzja theories of the production, existence, structure, meaning, function, and reception of literary works.

Proust actually tried with pastiche to outgrow the influences of Balzac, Lambert, and other masters of French prose. The grillett in which the concept of intertextuality arose in scholarship, society, and esthetics — about this more below — in fact realizes many of the term’s connotations, such as heterogeneity, ambivalence, transgressiveness, relativity, and dynamism.

Bowie, The chronology of the earlier Greek novels since B. Thus transnational styles and genre trends arose, such as Petrarchism and anti-Petrarchism, Ossianism, Sternism, Robinsoniads, Rousseauism, Wertherism, and Byronism. Mary Orr, in her Intertextuality: The apprehending subject understands the concept of intertextuality as an indicator of how the text reads history and locates itself in it” “Narration et transformation” The mock-heroic genre and style in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries led to a reformation of the concept of parody and its classification as antithesis to travesty.

Furthermore, authors did not hesitate to adapt source formulations to the structures of the new text; for instance, to the metrical scheme.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality | Marko Juvan –

She defined the idea more precisely in her article “Narration and Transformation” of He was able to replace celebrities with whom the academic scene has become saturated. Stadnicki do Szujskiego powiada: Nicolaas Tulp, New York ; J. Today, when the accelerated dynamic of social change has created paradoxically the impression of the “end of history,” the term intertextuality seems outmoded and of little theoretical appeal.

De optimo genere interpretandi Epistula 67oprac. Aspects of language and translation, Londons. In spite of this, commonplaces had not yet vanished completely and frequently continued to amplify public discourse.

History and Poetics of Intertextuality writers used playfully or provocatively to contravene classical principles of decorum. Berman, La Traduction et ses Discours [w: Such a context marked intertextuality as subversive and transgressive. They were techniques for the most part less widespread but just as conventional.

By citing Bacon’s citations, Borges seeks in philosophic tradition support for an idea that, aside from “The Immortal,” suffuses almost his entire opus i. On the background of the ideological, philosophical, and technological factors outlined above, citation acquired the meaning it still has today: For instance, Nietzsche described truth as a rhetorical, linguistic, and figurative construction that depends upon the power and credibility of a text when confronted with other perspectives on the world.


In Slovenia, the situation somehow deviated from this general pattern. Successful modern writers, too — not only canonic auctores — spurred their followers to imitation, citation, adaptation, variation, and allusion from the time of humanism and the Renaissance onwards. Comparative Literature and Culture 2. The organization of these texts — they served actually as written scenarios for the oral propagation of Christianity among the Alpine Slavs, ancestors of today’s Slovenes — imitates earlier Bavarian and Frankish general confessional forms, but it also built on older topics, absorbing and varying set catalogs of listeners, sins, virtues, and martyrs’ sufferings.

In his book Intertextuality, Allen devotes alluzja chiefly to those aspects of intertextuality that imply semantic-evaluative relationality, identity politics, and the role of agency in discursive antagonisms within postmodern societies, while to Samoyault intertextuality is relevant in the first place as a medium of cultural and literary memory.

For the most part it was not an acknowledged, prestigious literary genre.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli

Scriptural stories were the main source for aluja kinds of medieval drama, too. Michael to remove his gaze from foreign misfortunes, look towards home, and weep for it.

After all, writers often have become inspired apuzja literary dialogs with tradition, uncovering in it esthetic magnificence and creative greatness. These targeted the inertia of European bourgeois culture and politics as well as totalitarian violence against what he believed to be “humanity. Derrida, Following Theory [w: