Alphas is the New York Times bestselling spinoff of The Clique series. In the Clique the losers are tormented. At Alpha Academy, they’re sent home. The Clique’s. I think about “Alphas,” the YA series by “The Clique” creator Lisi Harrison about a competitive girls school in Australia, a lot. Lisi Harrison’s ALPHAS will beat many readers’ expectations. Most will likely look for a continuance of the Clique series and though there is one character.

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I was looking VERY forward to this book This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat View all 4 comments. She’s also very boastful and she’s written a bunch of songs about how Allie A. Insert lots of make-up, and acting the part. I am so ashamed of myself for giving this 4-stars, but it was seriously that entertaining. Plus, unlike the others, she didn’t really work or do anything to earn a place.

alpuas I honestly wanted to throw the book in a sewer, burn it, and rip it in half. She is currently in the acting program. While the main plot was explained, it didn’t go deeper into other things.


Bonus points in my book.

And when Shira finally accepted Charlie as her student, she makes the impossible – break up with her boyfriend, who happens to be Shira’s son. There are girls competing to become the Alpha, and they represent a completely bizarre skill set.

The Alphas – Wikipedia

Allie was actually sent an acceptance letter by mistake – it was meant for a singer named Allie J. When I first alphax a review for this book online, I was excited beyond words.

For a book that’s somewhat supposed to be grounded in reality, I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief for most of it. But I knew it was impossible, because I don’t have any exceptional talent to offer in case the academy meets the real life world. Weird writing analogies and combined words that were just stupid. I absolutely hated her character! At Alpha Academy, they’re sent home.

And inI decided to refresh my memories of this series and also to see if something has changed. Seriously, what the fuck is the draw?

With petty fights, mean girl tactics, and backstabbing, this book will at first seem like other books about junior high girls. I’ve read a lot of critiques about them so I won’t go too deep about it. It’s like Tyra Banks’ Modelland. The characters themselves annoyed me. I love all of Lisi Harrison’s books and I think that she is an super talented wri I absolutely loved this book. I mean, her talent is probably manipulating everyone in the book, though I highly doubt that someone can fool anyone that she’s an intrnational sensation just by dyeing her hair black, wearing green contacts and drawing a mole on her cheek.


Like serious-leh, i honest-leh, hated this book, but i hated it so much i want to keep going to hate it even more. Let’s face it, you can never be the best of all for all eternity and I don’t think there’s the need. And then there’s Skye’s annoying expression, “Ohmuhgud”. I have nothing good to say about her.

The Alphas

She could leave Charlie alone in peace and hire someone else to fix the cameras. Her mother is a former Russian Ballet prima ballerina, and gives her an old point shoe to keep her written hopes and dreams in. She grows the most out of the three girls.