What is left out either knowingly or unknowingly is the fact that Kitab al-Haft al- Sharif is one of the secret books of the Nusayri sect which is. Kitab al-Haft al-Shareef is a book of sayings/teachings from Imam Jaffar al sadiq a.s., compiled by al-Mufaddal ibn Umar al-Gaafi. You do not. Al Haft al – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. After his death, his followers taught that, although the Imam Jafar al-Sadiq as was God, yet Abu al-Khattab was more excellent than he and the Imam Ali as. Imam as then said: Shadif as they never reached Jesus nor the Prince of the Believers Ali. Furthermore, there is a noticeable emphasis on the number 7 throughout this book which is in the Ismailite religion also very predominant: Imam Jawad as then said: And between him and them are many incidents and will remain as such by Allah until there is killed on his hand around Sixty Thousand.

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Bandar al qumi, who said: And he returns leaving from it and he simmered for it the Armies from Bani Mardas. His extreme teachings included the deification of the Imam al-Sadiq as.

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And I am the companion of Noah and his invitation to his people to the worship of Allah and His Oneness but havt did not acknowledge so I split them with the Typhoon and I am the companion of Abraham, Hussein, they denied him and threw him with fire. Mahzyar and Muhamad b. And there comes out on the beach of the Tigris River from Al Basra a man from the sons of my father peace be upon him.


Told sharf Ibrahim b.

Al- Haft al-sharif | Open Library

Abu al-Khattab was a contemporary and acquaintance of the Imam Jafar al-Sadiq as. Another part of the Nusayri religion which is clearly going against the monotheistic teachings of Twelver Shia Islam is the following belief: Who was this Abu al-Khattab, and why was his message so signifant to the Nusayris that the Imam al-Sadiq as considered the day of its proclamation to be a festival among the Nusayris?

This kind of belief has explicitly been condemned by Imam Zaman ajtf in his Epistles: It is said that he pitched a tent in certain district of al-Kufa and began to call for the worship of the Imam al-Sadiq as as God. It is claimed that he would be none other than the angel Gabriel as himself: So when they gathered on Hussein to Slaughter him, he left his Body and Allah raised him unto Himself and prevented the enemies from him.

I am with the Qaim, between his hands. As for Abul Khattab Muhammad bin Ali Zainab Ajdaa; he and all his associates are accursed and you do not cultivate the company of those who harbor their beliefs; and my forefathers and I are aloof from them.

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Al Haft Al Shareef – The Secret Book of the Nusayri Sect | Dajjal Of Basra

I blast the Oppressors with his Sword and he commands me and I obey him and I give life and death and distribute Sustenance by the command of my Lord.


Farqad and Hashim b. Notify me of new comments via email. Shqrif al-Khattab was captured and crucified in Many people were puzzled about this mysterious book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Al-Sadiq as answered that the day, a Monday, the tenth of the month of Muharram, is a great day glorified by God. But they did that so that Torture would be incumbent upon them after the Proof and Evidence. As everybody can read for him- or herself: This shaeif uses cookies. He wants to enter in sl he is prevented from that by the most severe of preventions. Qulawey and al Hussain b.

Another indication that Kitab al-Haft al-Sharif plays a significant role in the Nusayri religion is how they commemorate Imam Hussein as on the 10 th of Muharram Ashura. Although this book contains some truth it is important to note that it is heavily mixed up with falsehood, that is why it is absolutely necessary to keep the above presented points sharfi mind which clearly hint to the Ghulat sect.

Imam Jawad as explicitly cursed him too: He was one sharuf the many Ghula who lived in al-Kufa, in southern Iraq, which in the eighth century was a hotbed of extreme Shiite teachings. As for the part which is considered as a proof for Ahmed al Hasan, it is this passage: Imam Ali as is Allah swt. Shaykh Kashi reported in a sahih hadith in Rijal Kashi from Muhammad b.