Subtle Is the Lord has ratings and 29 reviews. Manny said: In this extremely impressive book, Abraham Pais, himself a good physicist who knew Einst. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who Subtle is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: The Science and the. The APS now gives out an Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics, idea of how influential his work was, in particular “Subtle Is the Lord.

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Very nice, very detailled, very informative. Also a bit tough. The Germans began to gradually restrict the activities of the Dutch Jews and in early required them to wear yellow stars.

His ideas and those of Murray Gell-Mann resulted in the idea of a quantum number called strangeness.

Although his greatest papers were independent works, I suspect abfaham willingness to converse with others regardless of prestige expanded his mind greatly and likely gave him clues that assisted him on his quest for cosmic discovery. OK, you probably need to be a physicist or a mathematician to really understand paix technical detail, because this is quite definitely a history of the intellectual development of Einstein rather than a personal biography.

It is not only a bio of Einstein himself, but also of his science.

American Institute of Physics. That last one is insanely good as a seeded pulsed supersonically expanded molecular beam into a vacuum FT microwave spectrometer. He retired in to writewidely respected scientific biographies, and was awarded the Oppenheimer Prize in His only sibling, Annie, was born on November 1, In Pais accepted a position at Rockefeller University to head the theoretical physics group while Rockefeller was in transition from being a medical institute to a university.

Subtle is the Lord: I struggled my way through to the half way point trying to read every page, but had grown very tired by that point, so I made a resolution to only read pages with no formulae on them and I sped through the rest quite quickly without feeling like I was missing much. His Life and Universe are the 3 works anybody interested in a seminal period in science history should possess.

One, Pais is critical of Einstein himself and does not write the usual hagiography of the great man, but deals with him as a working scientist who made occasional errors as all humans do.


Oxford University Press Amazon. This book is replete with the math and details of the theories of Einstein and his contemporaries. Though he had a great curiosity that led him all throughout the field of physics, around the world, and in and out of international politics and music, he also had the focus to continually return to the same problems from slightly different angles and levels of maturity.

National Book Award for Science Hardcover Infollowing the war, Pais was able to accept that invitation and served as a personal assistant to Bohr at his country home in Tisvilde for a year. The second concept was Pais’s and Gell-Mann’s theory regarding the composition of the neutral kaonsproposing that the observed states were admixtures of particles and antiparticles, having different lifetimes; this was experimentally confirmed in the following year by Lederman and collaborators.

There are other biographies which concentrate on these matters, and are much more interested in Einstein’s private life.

‘Subtle is the Lord … ‘: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

I am in no way a physicist. I valued very much how it leads you through the thought process behind the development of GR.

Nordheim was executed ten days before the end of psis war. This is the first book which deal comprehensively and in depth with Einstein’s abeaham, both the successes and the failures. The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein: This article needs additional citations for verification.

In Marchhowever, they were betrayed and all four were arrested. Pais worked feverishly to complete his dissertation and meet other requirements for his doctorate. However, for someone who has barely touched science at school like me, at some point, I got lost.

‘Subtle is the Lord ‘: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein – IOPscience

Walked alone he did for the last three decades of his life in the pursuit of unified field theory, a theory which paved the foundation for modern theories aiming to unite all the forces of Nature. Since the death of Albert Einstein in there have been many books and articles js about the man and a number of attempts to “explain” relativity.

Some believe that it is near and that supergravity will provide the answer. Trivia About Subtle Is the Lor I read this as research of a sort, considering a possible How to Teach Physics to Your Dog 2 on relativity, abrabam I’m not sure how useful it will ultimately prove to be in that context.


His last hiding ie was in an apartment with his university friend Lion Nordheim, his wife Jeanne, and her sister Trusha van Amerongen. In the meantime Pais had been appointed as Rosenfeld’s assistant — Kees van Lier, who had been Uhlenbeck’s assistant and was to continue as such under Lod, had committed suicide following the German invasion.

Subtle Is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

In this extremely impressive book, Abraham Pais, himself a good physicist who knew Einstein personally, sets out to write a comprehensive biography of the greatest scientist of modern times. In my scant readings of the comprehensible parts of this book, however, I did manage to learn a few interesting things about Einstein’s successes and zbraham that any aspiring scientist might take note of.

With Pais being a Physicist himself, he is able to explain the equations and what they mean. In the fall of Pais dedicated himself to preparing for his master’s degree.

The spirit with which he wrote bears the seed of the pursuit of an unified field theory from which all the attributes of the Nature will pop out. Feb 19, Mohan rated it it was amazing. A physicist’s life in a turbulent world Princeton University Presswas his autobiography. In fact, Pais suggests that the very aspects of Einstein’s character which made the earlier breakthroughs possible meant that his work became more divorced from the mainstream of twentieth century theoretical physics as time went on.

The second paper on Brownian Motion, received December Subtle is the Lord is rather less interested in the non-physics related activities of Albert Einstein, though considerable space is given to his pacifism and Zionism. Paperbackpages.

He left Pais with the use of his laboratory and a list of topics to study and sutle on. The only thing that stopped him from finding that UFT was death.

Pais earned his Ph. Pais did not trust that and instead went into hiding. Utrecht experimental physicist Leonard Salomon Ornstein provided him guidance in his independent physics studies. May 01, William Mann rated it it was amazing Shelves: Abarham successfully passed the examination for his master’s degree on April 22,