A Literatura Infantil Na Escola: Regina Zilberman: Books – LAJOLO, Marisa & ZILBERMAN, Regina. Literatura Infantil Brasileira. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. Baixar ou leia on-line A Literatura infantil na escola. Regina Zilberman PDF, Neste livro de ensaios de Regina. Zilberman, professora da Pontifícia Universidade.

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A diachronic analysis of the main federal programs for reading promotion shows, first sscola foremost, how unsubstantial their reader formation work was, especially when considering that Brazil is a developing country, and reading and writing are its main tools for building socially critical and participatory subjects.

However, the study found that the use of the books was rarely adequate.


You may well ask. Awarded works were reproduced and distributed in schools that had literacy and EJA adult education classes.

Are regiina an author? Only then will we be able litertura realize the universal rights assuring the same quality of education to all Brazilian children and young people, regardless of the city where they live, their needs, and the social inequalities of each region SIB,online, own translation. For the answer not to be simplistic, it is important to look for some contrasting elements.

A Farpa na Lira. Rio de Janeiro, 13 th of July I heard, got up and came. Como e por que ler o romance brasileiro by Marisa Lajolo Book 6 editions published in in Portuguese and held by 44 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

It literatuga contains a teaching about the employment of time, synthesis of a moral lesson, learning about time, the acquisition of notions of health and feeding habits, and classes on the basic hierarchy of society being divided between the poor and the rich.


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In order to show the dimension assumed by the program throughout its existence, we present a brief analysis of its trajectory. In its initial chapters, The Name of the Rose presents x with a sacred space, addressed to the protection of a knowledge that should be kept inaccessible to ordinary people.

Not only its circulation, but also the production of the book benefits from tax exemption, according to Law No. To write for children is at once both difficult and easy. The good boy is described, somewhat overusing the diminutive suffixes, as an angelical being, and the end of the description does not lack a certain kind of examination of conscience: With different rhythms and intensity, in the urban space, schools cease to be an extension of the familial, private and religious spheres and, gradually, are integrated to a school network designed by municipal governments.

Rio de Janeiro, 22nd of December Who said that they wish me well?

I am much obliged to the whole research team for all they have done. Programa Nacional Biblioteca da Escola: Many of these articles are constituted as a careful and meticulous inventory of divinations, proverbs, nursery rhymes and aspects of Brazilian folklore and folklore of other countries, emphasising the relationship between traditions that at times originate from very different places and cultures. Thus, the eight-year time span after the first federal initiative for reader formation saw three different programs of the kind.

LAJOLO, Marisa & ZILBERMAN, Regina. Literatura Infantil Brasileira.

Therefore, I think that his books might entertain I have observed that they entertain adults esccola than children but I really think that they very much anti-educate. The basement, decorated by Fernando Correia Dias, is a kind of enchanted city where the children can freely exercise their imagination. It is in their interest and it is their religious obligation to defend their creed.

Literature is therefore a fundamental, deeply embedded component of the educational process:. And the children are soon to wake up again In the same direction as Chartierthis indicates that the democratization of books and reading has to be thought of ailberman terms of cultural practices. This shows a lack of articulation between political interest in the formation of readers and the inaugurated programs.


However, the book also teaches some surprising things. Will the boy eat it? It is for this reason she writes for children, and what she writes for them about.

Perhaps because it is aimed mainly at an adult public, the selection made excludes most of the first two parts of the book in Portuguese, that are dedicated to notions of time and space, hygiene and alimentary habits, and good and moral conduct.

The representatives of the church, that form part of it, could never, due to the particular dignity of their duty, leave the cassock by literaura door as the saying goes. Para Conhecer a Literatura Infantil Brasileira: Rio de Janeiro, 28 th of February The retrospective provided by this article similarly clarifies that the investments in reading formation and book propagation programs are very recent, considering that the first book acquisition and distribution program to include literary books the PNSL was inaugurated in the s.

Although it was inaugurated inits amplitude makes it worthy of discussing last. Books and Literature in the Brazilian Legislation In its initial chapters, The Name of the Rose presents us with a sacred space, addressed to the protection of a knowledge that should be kept inaccessible to ordinary people. Problemas da Literatura Infantilop.