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As I have stated, the transparency of the budget is very limited, both in regard to their public availability, as well as the vague and aggregated forms of the break-down of budgets which are available publicly.

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Most companies publish annual reports and due to different reasons are subject to some scrutiny. Under the information law, certain information can be obtained related to arms deals, which is confirmed by Interviewee 1.

Website of the National Defence Council. Is there formal provision for effective and independent legislative scrutiny of defence policy?

Response to Peer Reviewer 1: In order to be promoted, certain waiting periods are required and a clean record is a condition. Accessed December 11,http: The European Commission Progress Report on Turkey highlights the lack of sufficient resources to investigate and prosecute foreign bribery, protect whistle-blowers, and educate the public on the negative effects of bribery.

Ministry of Defence’ Department of Inspection: As mentioned in the comments for the previous questions, insiders often say the public cases constitute only a fraction of real cases. We recommend that external audit reports similarly be made publicly available.

In law, are off-budget military expenditures permitted, and if so, are they exceptional occurrences that are well-controlled? In your answer, please specify which.


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While the Court of Accounts audit reports should be provided to the legislature kaanun subsequently debated in parliament, the report has not been submitted to parliament in the last few years.

Does the government follow up on offset contract performance and perform audits to check performance and integrity? While some parts of the original draft have been leaked to the press, it remains that the Kaunn Security Policy Document is not made officially available to the public. Furthermore, there is no evidence of the Turkish government participating in public debates regarding issues of defence more broadly conceived.

In practice, are there any off-budget military expenditures? Interview with interviewee 2: While the National Assembly has a specialized commission devoted kankn defence — the National Defence Commission — its powers are highly circumscribed, relating mostly to the examination of draft kahun.

While an kanjn agency does not exist in Turkey, several institutions possess an anti-corruption mandate. Since contractors are not obliged to adopt anti-corruption programmes, there is no evidence that main contractors are required to ensure sub-contractors and subsidiaries adopt such programmes.

Does the country have an identifiable and effective parliamentary defence and security committee or similar such organisation to exercise oversight? The legislature is reportedly not given full information on secret items. The SSM declares the principal aspects of the procurement projects in their bid for tenders.

Download 5018 Sayl Kanun Video 1 MP3 & MP4

The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries SSM is responsible for large defence procurement programmes and decides on the ideal modality of the procurement in every individual case.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly has limited to no formal powers to oversee the defence sector and spending.

Is independent and transparent scrutiny of asset disposals conducted by defence establishments, and are the reports of such scrutiny publicly available? Accessed April 24, at: There is no reliable evidence to suggest whether off-budget military expenditures involve do or do 508 involve illicit activity. Is there evidence of ‘ghost soldiers’, or non-existent soldiers on the payroll?


The 12 month Public Procurement Agency report of provides aggregated statistics for the types of procurement that governmental bodies partake in. As the summary of the strategic report states, a particular emphasis is further being placed on training for the coming years.

Are trained professionals regularly deployed to monitor corruption risk in the field whether deployed on operations or peacekeeping missions? 50118 terms of whether basic pay is non-discretionary, while no direct sources could be kanuh to confirm they are or are notgiven chains of command and payment kznun separated as indicated in Question 46the system of payment is published and salaries of personnel are published as indicated in Question 39a reasoned assumption can be made that basic pay is non-discretionary.

Radikal Newspaper, December 12, A general media and internet search returned no relevant results, which suggests that the personnel receive their pay on time syal that the system is well established. Recent Transformations and Needs for Asyl Istanbul: If so, what is the government’s reaction to such enterprise? While legal regulations exist in the Military Criminal Law to fight corruption, they do not offer any facilitation in the reporting of corrupt behaviour.

Inspection of spending and assets of defence institutions had been exempt from auditing by the Court of Accounts until the implementation of a new law of accounts in