NJUBD IC SWITCH ANALOG CMOS QUAD 14DIP NJR datasheet pdf data N JUBD UBD BD BD 66BD 6BD BD D NJUBD. BD Datasheet, BD PDF, BD Data sheet, BD manual, BD pdf, BD, datenblatt, Electronics BD, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. including without limitation, this document, the specifications, the data sheets and application notes for Product and the precautions and.

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Try Findchips PRO for bd. Heat slugs, if any, shall be included within this cylinder but shall not be subject to minimum limit of BD. Only solder with grounded soldering tool. Slugs, if any, shall not be included within this cylinder, but shall not be subject to the minimum limit of BD.

Previous 1 2 Illegal for sale outside the following countries: LH side general information and maximum ratings: B ut Borrow output. B3 Not applicable.

K,K1,K2 K inputs on flipflops. R returns the flipflop to the stable position irrespective of the state of the inputs A and B. Despite advanced data basing and photo typesetting techniques the Publisher must, of course, reserve the right, as in any extensive data compilation daatasheet as this, to errors excepted.

Main protective measures Many dwtasheet – some of them quite exotic – have been described in technical literature with respect to the protection of CMOS ICs from static charges. Abbreviations used in data tables 8. If you’d care to compare it to the old edition, the first thing you’ll notice is how the Japanese manufacturers are crowding the market; an in- dication that the cmos series obviously still has a future after having been pronounced on its way out quite a few times. Chip One Exchange 2.


Pin designations do not always coincide datashewt actual pin drwg due to lack of space; however, E is generally input, T is always clock input, Q an output see also diagram on right.

bd datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

However, the concept of “cmos ” does not allow pages and pages of descriptions of complicated interrelationships regarding such special circuitry as PLL switching circuits. Dimension BD shall beBL. S Set input, general. However, you will find a “TC74HCF” in this dataaheet of “cmos “since its 4066bbd configuration is the same as that of the Series Physical dimensions of 1N and 1N Inputs on counters, shift registers, decoders, etc.

For logic tables see section 2. Not included in “cmos ” are switching circuits which are logic and pin compatible with the Series 74 which also finds expression in their designation e. Arrow in- dicates output carrying a H potential in the stable position. Type The type designation, which is usually identical to the ordering designation. PD Type Man Sec. B3 Test condition A, 25 cycles. Do not dstasheet or remove when live. Section 1 provides the functional list of contents, basic explanatory data regarding the cmos series and the list of manufacturers.

  6ES5 451-4UA12 PDF

You will find these circuits in the ECA cookbook “ttl 74”. Millimeters are given for general information only. Package contour optional within cylinder of diameter BD and length BL.

For complete designations and address, see list following table of contents. However, 4066bx CMOS series has reached such a level of design perfection see the internal protective systems described above that, under normal circumstances, observance of the following is sufficient: Bl Digit blanking input. But this is no drawback in our opinion, since the development engineer has to resolve to the data sheet of the specialist manufacturer, in any case, when applying such IC’s.

Package contour optional within BD and length L.

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Outputs of 7-segment decoders, see figure below. Tokyo 1 13 Natsuma Bldg. I ,” , I Although the volume of data incorporated has more than doubled, ECA was able, thanks to space-saving computer typesetting, to keep the number of pages of the “cmos ” and thus its price from becoming daun- ting. All rights reserved to the editor.

Package contour optional within BD and length BL. Reaction of output voltage on input voltage: State or function depends on other parameters and is therefore MEM Memory. RO Input reset to zero.